Why must the dynamic of the relationship change?

Some men are full of sh*t, why is it men always say" just be honest babe",.or my personal fav "no matter what just don't lie to me".

How is it a man can say what ever he wants to say, if it is hurtful or inappropriate at the time, etc what ever the case may be, and he's just being "honest".

But the moment we decided to be honest...well oh boy all hell break loose you men act like women on your mensuration.

Attitude, distant, some even bring up the b.s. even after you apologize for hurting there feeling...it's like a f***en joke.

Why is it when we let the cat out the bag, and let you know "hey babes your really not slick, with it,.or I knew you did it 3months ago, hun "u really don't have one up on me. Etc...whatever fits.. All I'm saying why must the dynamic of the relationship change..lol...why is it when you believe you have one up on a person or..u out smart them your great..until they burst your bubble...then I have to offer you cheese with that whine...

Lol, OK fine both genders do it...but I beg to differ men are far more sensitive than women are about it..
Great she blocked me.. Hey doormatt... I know your still watching..lol I will leave you with this...The best thing about being an adult is you get to make all soughts of decision on your own you know...u should of decied to move on after the first disagreement, or was you looking for your "boyfriend of 5years" to help you decied that too. Why don't you take your "matured"ass to another post if your unhappy here...or be a leader post your own post " it's been 5yrs why he hasn't ask me to marry him yet?" there I helped u

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  • I wish I could empathize with you, but I can't. While I agree with you that people are afraid of the truth, whether it comes from a loved one or ESPECIALLY when it comes to self discovery (accepting that you are flawed is pretty damn tough), I seriously have NO idea whether or not you are a crazy person.

    Please understand, I must've read like 20 posts here on GAG coming from men and woman who give one side of the story, whether it's complaining about their loved one or, hell, even another GAG user. They SEEMED sane and legit, until you actually examined deeper into their story and found out it was actually the person giving the story who was truly insane, not the person who they were ranting about. After all, a clouded mind will perceive EVERYTHING around them as bad, but for all the things they see bad, the one thing they can't see is THEMSELF. Sorry to go all Yoda but, I really am trying to make a point and it usually just comes out kinda weird.

    So...I'll be neutral and say I hope everything works out for you.

    • Hey, thanks for that..but truth be told I was speaking in general on my feelings an the people in my life. Well the situation came about from a discussion earlier, and I was sitting analyzing it and I deccied to post on it...im actually glad it created all this feed back..lol but OK I will take your response and I appreciated it..

    • Always good to vent from time to time, glad you're getting a discussion out of it.