How do I balance friends and a long distance boyfriend?

I currently live in a city with my two roommates who I'm very close with. Both of them are single, and I have a boyfriend of 3 months who lives about an hour and a half away. So it's not too long distance since it's an easy drive.

One of my roommates works for a company that sends her traveling a lot, and she just got stationed across the country so she won't be home during the week and only on some weekends for 6 months.

This leaves an issue for me, because I feel bad leaving my other roommate alone to go visit my boyfriend, but if I visit him when the other roommate comes back home from across the country then I also feel bad because I don't get to see her much anymore.

So my question is, how do I balance my relationship with my roommates and my relationship with my boyfriend? What is a fair balance?

  • Vote A You should be able to see your boyfriend whenever you can
  • Vote B Don't leave your roommate alone, and visit when the other one is home
  • Vote C Only visit him when both are busy
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  • Visit your boyfriend sometimes when only friend one is home, but stay home enough that friend one isn't lonely or feels abandoned. Sometime visit your boyfriend when your other friend comes home. You won't see friend 2 very often, but it's only 6 months. Your boyfriend can visit you sometimes and that can take the pressure off. You jus have to create a schedule, keep in mind that friend 2 won't see you as much and friend one may be slightly lonelier than she was before. If you have to or can cut down on how often you go to visit your boyfriend. You can't make everyone happy.

    or just choose what's more important to you and focus on that relationship.