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Is it true that in every relationship?

One person stands while the other one kneels. Is that quote true because I have a lot of friends and from witnessing there relationship id say it... Show More

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  • No I don't think that this is true. My parents have an equal say in things. There might be certain areas that my Dad makes the final decision but then there are areas where my mom makes the final decision. It sounds like to me, your friend is in an abusive relationship and you should try to help her see that she deserves so much better and that she would be better off without that jerk.

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  • No.

    • any feedback?

  • I feel like that's a song lyric.. or close to one..

    the basic meaning of the quote, is about dominance and submission...

    So, yes, in all of our relationships, one is standing, while the other kneels...

    But it may switch between them depending on the issue... or the day..

    And it truly is ALL relationships, including friendships...

  • No, neither of the relationships you mentioned are healthy ones. Of course there will be times when one or the other takes the lead but in any healthy, mature relationship it switches daily, hourly even depending on the situation

  • I always felt like, "One always cares more, than the other in every relationship" But no one should stick around in those types of relationships. Where's the respect, trust, and love? :/

    • exactly.

  • Good Lord, I certainly hope not. Both sound sick and unhappy.

  • Those relationships don't sound healthy at all to me so no I don't think its like that in all relationships.

  • not always.

  • I don't think that's true in every relationship...at least not in healthy ones. I would say most healthy relationships have periods of each partner "kneeling" while the other stands. Like cazza3 said...it fluctuates.

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  • Those are relatioships that will never last.

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