She's not ready for a relationship??

Well there's this girl I've really liked for a long time and today I finally told her how I felt...and she tells me...

"I like talking to you too... thing is I'm not ready to go out with anyone yet but I want us to be friends a little longer"

I then I asked her "is it because your not ready or because your talking to other guys?"

She said "kinda both even though I haven't really been talking to a lot of guys its mainly because I'm not ready for a relationship yet"

Those were the main parts of our convo but what does it mean?

What I also like to add is this girl lives in rochester and I live in the bronx. I know for a fact she liked me back in janurary that I know. And her cousin said she wants to see me when she comes this month because I missed her last couple visits.


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  • shes not ready for a relatinoship with YOU!, she may like you, but not enough to make a full blown relationship out of it..this is what I say to guys all the time even though its not true, its just the easy way out..i mean she could be telling you the truth about wanting to be friends longer, that is always a possibility, but from my experience and other girls experience that I know, this is what we would say when were not sure/ or don't want a relationship with you..i would move on...ive waited around for guys that give me those b*llshit lines, and nothing has EVER came out of it, except me waiting around like a fool while the guy talks to other girls and never has any intention of settling down with me

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      In regards to your past experience, how did you ever get over the guys and how long did it take you? I'm in the same situation, where I wanted a relationship and the guy "wasn't ready"(so he claims). I had to cut off all ties and its been 2 months. I really miss him, so how and how long do you think it will be for me to move on? I have to admit...I am wishing that he comes back and realizes that he wants to be with me

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      Omg, you are really helping me. Its crazy how our situations are like identical!! I guess its time for me to stop turning guys down and start working on moving forward. so the because the other girl pressured him is why he got in a relationship? very I guess you weren't needy enough? so how long did his relationship wih her last? we are like so much alike and you're right about me wanting him to come back while he's still in my system. lol. I wish someone would come along now

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      To fill his place. but I also question if I'll ever feel really comfortable with someone again like I did him. what is wrong with these guys? my guy was 21 and I'm 23 and I'm just wondering am I ever going to find someone in which I'll be able to settle down with. I have to be honest I'm tired of giving myself to guys and coming up empty handed in the end.