Why do I find relationships so lame now?

Ok so I've been hurt and taken advantage of,unappreciated..yeah all that...

But so have many out there right? But you people still seem to believe in relationships and all...

The thing is now I cannot take the thought of any relationship seriously..I always feel people are just wasting time and stuff...even though I am such an emotional person..yet I still can't manage take these stuff seriously or act interested when a friend of mine talks bout his/her love life...

Is this normal?


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  • It is normal...especially if you were just recently hurt. You get to that point thinking you're just so sick of dating people and don't understand why people even bother with relationships and the thought of being tied down to someone is just "crazy!" Most people feel that way after a break up or being hurt, but as time goes by, you heal and somewhat recover from the pain and you'll know when you're ready to move on and date again.

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      Thank u...that really made perfect sense to me

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      You're welcome. It'll be alright :o)

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      Thx =)