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Girls and guys, who would you rather be with and why ?

Would you rather be with the guy/girl who is rich but you don't love or would you rather be with the guy/girl you don't love but is poor ?

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  • ive always been pretty humble and never rich myself, so I gotta go with poor on that one.

    you don't need money to be happy

    • True, true

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  • Girl who is poor but I loved. I cannot use someone for their money. That's just wrong imo. I would rather marry/be with someone for love than money tbh

  • While money comes and goes, most of the relationships I see do the same.

  • The money comes and goes and people are very short sighted and don;t realize the cycles so if you find someone who is your type then you can be happier with them through the good and bad if they understand this.

  • Depends if she bought me a bogati I would marry the sh*t out of her. Love fades way quicker than the value on a million dollar car.

    • Sad but so true lol.

  • i would be with girl I love no matter she is poor or rich, I want kind of girl that is understanding and thinker,a girl that care about her relation ship,a girl that be nice, and does not just give up on me with first problem,someone that be loyal,

  • Both rich & poor can easily dismantle a guy in love as a consequence and each has their baggage that can trip up having fun along the way. Since love is not the binder, you leave it us to determine why the hell we would be with either one as the premise.

    If I pick having fun until The One comes along, e.g. dining/dancing, sports, lazy days, even sex then I am torn from past experiences almost 50-50 about the money. It would be the FUN that would make the difference, as money may open doors but not really provide more/less FUN as the binder.

  • I'd rather be single.

  • Money isn't really that big of a deal

  • Any women who says money is not important to her is lying.

  • Guy that is rich , beacuse I'm rich it makes since but , I like to go out with poor girls for some reason . ( money buys everything except love )

    • I'll agree with you on the money can't buy love part lol

    • Hahaha, thanks

  • Money comes & goes - the joy it gives is brief and it doesn't compare to a real, genuine relationship.

  • rich girl take the money and run and find the poor one and spend my life with her.

  • the poor one I love because I've got money so I don't care if she does.

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