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Guys, do you like shorter hair on a girl?

Lately, it seems like most girls have extremely long hair with waves that pretend to be natural, but we all know that´s not true.

On some girl this hair looks great and I know that most guys love long hair on a girl.

I´m kind of short to have hair that long and I´m skinny and my face is little with big eyes and full lips, but the shape of my face is small, so long hair doesn´t look good on me.

I had the same haircut all my life and I still have it now:


I have that same haircut (maybe a tiny bit shorter) but I´m blonde.

Guys, do you still like this sort of hairstyle? or does it have to be extremely long?


Most Helpful Opinion

  • That length is okay, but a few inches longer would be better IMO.

    Only a very small number of women can pull off a short haircut well, and not end up looking like a 60-year-old woman who has "given up" on looking good, and instead gone "practical.".

    For example, Sharon Gless from Burn Notice (in her 60s)


    looks just like Michelle Williams (in her 30s, with an awful, ugly short haircut):


    Audrey Marie Anderson from "The Unit" was able to pull off this Euro-style cut, because she has a small head and a bit of an angular face, but even she looks better with the longer hair she has now.



    Longer hair looks youthful and healthy - people who are older and/or not healthy can't grow healthy-looking long hair. Thus, most guys prefer longer hair.

What Guys Said 7

  • Below the chin is a fine length from my perspective but the full bangs like that are bleh.

  • I actually like short hair on women, especially pixie cuts.

  • I prefer pixie hairstyles more than any other hairstyle on women.

  • I like longer hair.

  • to be honest I don't really like it.. I love women with long hair.

  • I think short hair looks awful. The link you gave though is fine. I really wish I could explain why long hair is such a turn on, but I have no idea. It's just one of those things where long hair is feminine and short hair is masculine. Probably some society/how we are raised sort of thing, but it's a very strong response. I find short (much shorter than the link you gave) to be a complete turn off. Not saying I wouldn't give somebody a chance because of them having short hair, but if two women are similar in looks and I have to decide which one to approach, I'm going to choose the one with long hair because physical attraction wise it's more attractive.

What Girls Said 2

  • I know I'm not a guy, but I don't like it. It looks good on Jessica alva because she's so gorgeous but it doesn't do much for the average girl. Plus those bangs are not in style. If you'd had the same haircut your whole life it's dfinitely time to switch things up... Ps, lots of girls have long wavy hair that is naturally that way, like me

  • Short hair doesn't look good on most girls

    On celebrities, they can pull it off because they get surgery, injects and heavy contouring for cameras and the paparazzi, but most girls can't pull that off imo

    An attractive girl is an attractive girl, but full shoulder length hair isn't too long nor is it extremely long.


    You're seeing it in a black and white view to get the answers you want, but extremely long(and butt ass ugly) is this:



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