I think I'm in love...

But I'm not sure, we're not exactly together but he's always on my mind and I just always want to talk to him and be in his company and I want him to know how I feel :/ How do you know when you're in love ?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You're probably just in that stage that you have feelings for this person and attraction keeps you thinking about them.There was this girl I used to flirt with and think about a lot, but all I thought about was pounding her LOL. It wasn't true love but attraction kept us together, but not for long. You know it's love when BOTH of you ACTUALLY wanna know about each other and truly care for each other.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Well I don't want to say it is infatuation or love but you defintley have feelings for him get to know each other a little more and see where things go.

  • Well I don't know what 'not exactly together means', I think that plays a big role in whether you're in love, infatuatued, like him or just in lust. Does he know you're interested? Is he interested?

    • We went on a few dates and he had asked me to be his girlfriend but I told him no because of the relationship he had this female friend. They claimed nothing was going on, something was. Anyways I just thought I'd forget about him all together, but we started back talking but not as much as before

  • When you get all funny around the guy and get butterflies and get nervous all that with above mentioned stuff. I get it too when I really like a girl.

    • What's the difference with that and love ?

    • idk because I haven't been truly in love but its probably a much stronger feeling.

What Girls Said 2

  • Its prob infatuation, love is a BIG thing... huge! I think it takes a while to fall in love... I though I was when I was younger but it was def infatuation x

  • When you have been married to somebody for 20 years and you still feel the way you described in your question.