How to make a boy happy?

so that one I love more than I love myself says that he loves me too, to tell the truth I don't believe him but I just want him to be happy.

Us, girls, like goodmorning texts, flowers, unexpected hugs, what about guys? what make you guys happy ?


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  • depending on the status of your relationship.

    I think men like to know they are loved, desired, sexy. They want to feel like their girlfriend couldn't love anyone but them. Stroke their egos. What does he think he's good at? sports, music, sense of humor, etc

    Tell him he's funny, tell him he athletic or you find whatever athletic prowess he has sexy... Know what I mean? Whatever interests him show interest in that and support of him doing it

    Send him a sexy text (either saying something or a sexy pic).

    We aren't that difficult. The easiest way to access our hearts is through our penis (not sex necessarily, but sexual things). The second easiest way is when we feel like the woman respects us and likes or takes interests in our interests


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  • guy like a lot of the same things. Seeing you smile for no reason. kisses on the cheek, hugs as well.

    don't bother with the flowers for us guys though. it's really the simple things that you girls do that make us the happiest.

  • All of the things you mentioned would work for me. Flowers would be a little weird but they would still mean a lot because they came from my girlfriend.

  • Invite him for a dinner and cook for him

  • Sex lol. As long as we're getting laid, we're happy

  • A quote regarding how to make a boy happy...

    “Males need 4 blowjobs a week for survival, 8 blowjobs a week for maintenance, and 12 blowjobs a week for growth.”

    -Virginia Satir (slightly paraphrased)

    Only kidding of course! Sex is not the way to make him happy.


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  • He says it

    So believe him