Girls when you're in a relationship for a while what are the benefits?

Is it the right time for the couple to touch each other in the private areas but no sex? Any other hot benefits that doesn't include intercourse?


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  • Depends on how long they've been together.

    Depends of which culture she or he was from, suggesting what types of "things" in a relationship would be deemed acceptable in private or public.

    Personally, sex should be a special gift that can be controlled or happened when mutually comfortable and 150% sure that it should happen at the moment ALONE TOGETHER. Avoid stripping the underclothing... lessens the chances of making a baby when either of the couple is unsure about sex or child bearing, rearing, caring... for the rest of their lives.

    Kissing makes me feel loved and safe for some reason, sexual intentions from the lover or not, I feel loved.

    The touchy feelly stuff makes me feel wanted...^

    Even if I were to be super individualistic and be perfectly fine alone, true relationships can unlock parts of one's self that have never been discovered yet.

    I see true relationships as pacts or teams of lovers who will fight against all odds to make things work for the well-being of all and have someone to really confide/trust with many types of feelings or situations...


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  • Ehm, if the only benefit you see in a relationship is sex, I suggest you wait. There are many benefits of a relationship. Sharing your life with someone, having someone to come home to, someone who is there for you no matter what, feeling loved and accepted, feeling that warmth and just feeling...complete. If you just want sex, get a friend with benefits.

    • if he can't understand the boundaries I doubt he can get a friends with benefits lol

  • It depends on what both of you feel like a relationship should be and how long you are together. it also depends on what both of you are comfortable with. every couple and every person is different on their needs and wants in a relationship. you need to discuss this with the person you are with.

  • Cuddling ! Being able to be with someone you can trust . Doing fun things together. Having a best friend that accepts you the way you are. Relationships are not all about sex, when they are they fail.

  • the love and connection that is unexplainable, you can't find it from friends or family. I been with my guy for 8 years and we are like two big kids and I can't explain how I feel.

  • My boyfriend is my best friend in the whole world, but what makes him different than most best friends is the sexy part. He also refuses to let me pay for things which I think is unfair because I should contribute, but it does save me money which is nice. Hm... what other benefits. I never feel alone anymore. I feel beautiful.

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  • you need to try and test her boundaries,touch her brests touch her lady parts try to unclip her bra etc

    see where she stops you

    if she doesent then you can have sex with her

    • Unhook her bra with your mouth, QA. So HOT.

    • duuuuuude lol first time I give a reasonable advice and you have to come and troll me

      if you try it you will not only be unable to succeed but shell give you a wtf expression and awkward stare with full package deal including awkward silence

  • Having sex with any woman you want > one girl.

    There are no benefits. Maybe benefits for the guy who can't get none.