What is a casual relationship vs a serious relationship?

Can someone explain what it means when someone says casual relationship vs serious relationship? I am very confused about the difference. Aren't both relationships with girlfriend/boyfriend title?

Also, do people usually agree something is NOT serious and just casual before starting a relationship or is it just unspoken?


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  • Casual: going to eat and occasionally having him pay... Sex after a date... Not meeting family... Not talking about relationships.

    Serious: having him pay when you go out. Kissing in public. Holding hands in public. Meeting family. Calling frequently. He brings you up in future plans. Sex is romantic and sensual...not two bunnies getting it on.

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      That is a great explanation. Thank you.

      So casual is still boyfriend/girlfriend but just basically not talking about relationships? Even in casual relationships, do people try to keep in touch every day? Or is that for more serious relationships?

      Do you think casual can ever become serious?

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      Oops. I meant, talk to each other EVERY DAY.

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      I mean, if casual relationships are more about having fun... do people still get attached to each other or miss each other?