If you loved somone that much?

ok so as the title says I'm in love have been for a few years. here's the issue we broke up 10 months ago. now all I want to know is who believes in never giving up if you love someone so much (as in THE ONE) I know the whole don't waste your life thing but I'm going to carry on living I'm not stupid but as for relationships I've no interest in anyone else. now I don't intend on trying to force anyone to do anything cos again that's stupid but I intend to just try an open dialogue when I'm ready within the next year and just hang out an see where it goes. please peoples opinions


Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't wait for next year.

    She might not be there lying around waiting for you anymore, and

    you'll see her ending up in another man's arm. Women love to have fun, and avoid dramas at all cost.