Should I stay or should I go?

I am in a monogomous uncommitted sexual relationship. The situation is that he says he's not ready for a relationship. The problem is we are kinda in one. We have both agreed not to date or sleep with other people, but we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend. He says that if it was a different time he would want to be with me. Then again he also acts like I'm the last thing on his list to be concerned with. One minuet he "would never give up any moment with me for anything" and the next he blows me off on New Years. Should I wait to see if he wants a relationship once he fixes some things in his life, or call it quits and cut my losses before I get hurt? I know he's trying to keep me around, but why? We don't just have sex when we hang out. A lot of the time we talk and watch movies and cuddle. He makes me emotionally drained. What do I do?


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  • You should go.


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  • he likes the attention..seems like he won't eat & won't allow other have u. give him an ultimatum tell him take a decision or else sorry hun..time to pack up Ur sack & leave ..ull find better around

  • So you are essentially exclusive f*** buddies. It sounds like he just doesn't want a label.

  • Stop being used.

    He is a normal male who just wants the best of all worlds without any commitment.

    We are all like that.

    It's the way we are!

  • Obviously he wants someone for him, but not with commitment. He wants sex.

    You say you also watch movies and stuff, but guys also like cuddling, not only sex. Just because you cuddle it doesn't mean he likes you. You should dump him anyway.

    Plus, 18 years and you're on a relashionship like that?

    Seriously, what's wrong with (most) girls?

  • you had to move on simply


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