How can I get a response from guy I fell in love with at the beach?

Over the summer I met this guy at the beach and it was like love at first sight. I dint have a phone at the time, so he asked me for my name so we could talk on Facebook. Well we are talking and he says he loves me and that we should of kissed at the beach. The last message he sent to me was that I was the most beautiful girl and that he wanted to meet me and wanted me to be his. I replied back to him saying that I felt the same. He has never replied back, but I saw that he was on like 20 minutes ago. He won't respond back. I am in love with him,and I don't want to keep messaging him askin why he won't reply bcz I don't want to be desperate.but he is so hot. I'm so surprised that he likes me. What do I do?


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  • maybe I'm just getting old and out of touch, but I have a hard time understanding the idea of falling for someone via the internet. sounds to me like you just have a heavy crush on the guy. people throw the word "love" around too loosely. I'm not sure I could fall in love with someone if it wasn't mostly in person, or at least through phone conversation. but I don't think the younger crowd even have phone conversations anymore, just texting, Facebook, etc. the world has passed me by, hahaha. but I'd just play it cool. you messaged him, the ball is in his court. for all you know, he already has a girlfriend and he's just playing with you. from what you wrote, it sounds like you're infatuated with his looks more than anything. I'm a sucker for a pretty face too, but you can't make a fool of yourself over it. good looking people come a dime a dozen. and I see that you live in Beverly Hills. every idiot that's the best looking person in their small town in Iowa or wherever goes to LA to try to "make it." he's not the last looker you're going to meet. you live in a city of 4 million people, they'll be out there, I promise you.

    in unrelated news, I went to LA a couple times last must know Sprinkles cupcakes down near Rodeo Drive, right? had a S'mores cupcake with dark chocolate ice cream...possibly the best thing I ever ate. I would weigh 400 lbs if I lived out there, hahaha.

    • Thanks I think he really is just playing with my head and I'm not the only girl that he sweet talks to. I knew iit was too good to be true. :(

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    • ...will too. my mom told me along time ago, "over the course of your life, you're going to get your heart broken, and you're going to break others' hearts, sometimes without even knowing it." the good news is, it's not the end of the world. in high school, everything seemed so urgent. I thought it was the end of the world if I didn't get the girl I wanted. trust me, you'll barely remember this kid's name in a year or two. older people tried to tell me stuff like that when I was your age too...

    • ...and I didn't believe them. but one thing I've learned as I get older is that most of the advice I got from older folks when I was younger turned out to be true. you don't want to hear it and you think we don't know what it's like to be a kid, but I feel like I was your age just yesterday. we're not as out of touch as you think! so my advice would be to hit up Sprinkles, take in about 1500 calories, and forget this dude. the next one will be along before you know it! good luck! :)

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  • You haven't spent enough time around this guy in order for you to call it love. Is it his looks you're falling for? If so, looks will fade with age. Maybe you should take the ignored text as a good sign for you. Bottom line: He sounds like a player.

  • What do you do? Relax.

    I don't mean to undermine your feelings, but you've got to get your head out of the clouds so to speak and see the bigger picture. It's been just about 6 months since you met, conversation has mostly been online, and you two love each other? Love is an incredibly strong word, and it does not equal having a complete crush on someone.

    Simply put, it's too much too soon, especially given your age, so relax a bit and take things slow, don't fret over him not responding for now.

  • If you really want to get a reply, saying something like, "I really liked you when we were face to face, you were so nice and true, and I really respected you. But since we've talked online you're like a different person and I don't think you're actually that for real."

    He''ll kick off and be nasty but then it will start to bug him like crazy and he (probably) won't be able to resist trying to find out what you mean and get you to switch back to liking him again.

    (Basically what it does is tell him that you have lost respect for him - men HATE that and almost can't help themselves but try to get it back).

    But seriously, why bother with the jerk?! He's clearly been playing you and if you kick it off again what you'll get is a compulsive liar trying desperately to find a way to be the one that comes out the winner.

  • Nothing. You have to wait on him. Anything you do now will seem desperate and will annoy him.

  • He told you he loves you after seeing you in person just one time? Seems legit.

    • Well we've been talking a lot too

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    • Deep in like?

    • Yep.

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  • When did you send the last message?

  • give him a bit of time, don't message him though - until he does. If he doesn't say anything, move on :)

    • Ok but it would be hard to move on

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    • Thx this helps

    • anytime :)