Do men really love the type of women who cater to them?

I am like a total rooky with this thing called love and I wondering, just wondering if there are men out there that really love it when a woman cooks his food and serves it. And loves it when she really cater to her man. I did all these things but still it wasn't enough, he didn't appreciated this. So I is this just my luck or do I need to wake up and smell the flowers?

just wanted to say to all thanks for the great advices you gave me. its really helpfull because I was getting insecure and started to think that maybe I am oldfashioned or beeing toooo sweet. I do deserve someone who knows how to appreciate things.


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  • Do men really love the type of women who cater to them?

    Yes as it seems guys tend to love being the center of attention and having a gal submit to him and being catered to gives both as he's fawned over and he's in a position of power.

    Just wondering is there are men out there that really love it when a woman cooks his food and serves it?

    There are many guys like that out there as it seems guys tend to dislike doing household work and like the domination and power aspect to a gal serving him.

    So is this just my luck or do I need to wake up and smell the flowers?

    Probably both it's luck of your own making as you chose to be with this unappreciative guy and perhaps it's suited for you to wake up and smell the flowers by reevaluating the guys you're attracted to or the guys you attract.

    • I didn't downvote you but you seem a little bit embittered there, lol.

    • hey I'm fine with cooking if my wifes gona be fine with eating kd and whatnot but food isn't something I put a lot of effort into and girls tend to enjoy putting effort into it I just eat to fill myself

    • @funkadelic5

      What seems to be and what is tend to differ. I don't have anything to bitter about


      Some gals tend to enjoy putting effort into cooking. Seeing as studies show less gals know how to cook it's a bit skewed to say "girls" as if speaking about girls in general.

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  • Are there men who like that? Of course. But there has to be balance in the relationship, or it isn't going to last, and a big part of that means the girl can't do that for a guy if the guy doesn't appreciate it.

    While you don't want to be "keeping score" down to the last point, it should be a two-way street. Example: my girlfriend likes to cook and serve me when I'm over (I cook sometimes too), and I appreciate that, but I don't take it for granted. And I do things for her, like last week, when the starter in her car died and I was out changing it in the cold and rain. She was prepared to pay a shop to do it, but I did it myself because I could, and I wanted to. And she appreciated it.

    Those things may not be exactly equal, or, if you were keeping score, one or the other might be ahead much of the time, but in the end, we have a balance, and we're both aware of what the other person does for us. If you have that, you're good, and if you don't have that, then you shouldn't be doing things for the other person, because IMO part of being in a relationship means that you are OBLIGATED to notice and appreciate the things your partner does for you.

  • The only thing my wife makes me attend to on my own is my daily bowel movement, and even then she handles the paperwork.

  • I like it but I don't think it's the most important thing to me.

    First of all you can't make someone love you. They simply have to feel that way towards you. But your actions ARE important to sustaining love.

    For me, sex, affection, and feeling appreciated are more imports not sustaining love. Nice actions are good but below the above three.

  • Wow, you had bad luck.

    I've been dating since before you were born and can count the number of women who've cooked and served it to me on one hand. It's kind of an unwritten rule in the post-feminist world: men don't ask women to make dinner. We learn to cook for ourselves and then enjoy being treated extra special for it.

    Next time see if the guy is worthy after the first meal, then if not you can pretend you don't know how to cook anything else.

    I want someone who'll cook with me, then I'll know if we truly work together well. I've had that a few times, and I miss it. Maybe you should see if your boyfriends can keep up with you in the kitchen without tripping over you. Then you'll know if he's a real catch.

  • Nobody wants to do a lot of work and feel like it's not appreciated. That's true if you are at work, cooking, or anything else. Personally I love it when a woman cooks for me and serves my food. I also appreciate it and will let her know.

    You didn't say if you actually like cooking or if he "expected" you to. What the two of you want needs to be a match. If you want to cook for him and he appreciates it then great. If you hate it then you shouldn't do it.

    It's all about give and take, and compatibility. The specific things that each contribute to the relationship are not nearly as important as there being some kind of balance. If the relationship becomes lopsided, that's a real problem. If you cook for a guy and he doesn't appreciate it, and is a lazy a** who doesn't lift a finger to do anything, then dump the bum and find someone else.

    If you cook and he fixes the car and plumbing, that's fine. If you fix the car and plumbing and he cooks, that's fine too. As long as you are both satisfied with how the chores are divided up.

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  • i did a lot of cooking and cleaning and shopping for my ex. I didn't do everything for him right off the bat though. I started doing more and more after being with him (we were together 3.5 yrs)

    by nature I like to take care of people. if its naturally what YOU do and who you are, don't change.

    i used to love taking care of my ex and he appreciated the things I did (and would tell me he appreciated it when I would go over the top). you have to be careful not to baby them or mother them though. and sometimes when you do it TOO much they get used to it, expect it, and don't appreciate it as much as they once did.

  • Don't let one man's failure to appreciate scar your desire to treat a man well. That was a poor example to work with.

    Real men appreciate a good woman and don't take advantage of it. Real men reciprocate it and show you how valuable a woman like you is. Real men know that treating a girl right is a strength, not a weakness.

    Just keep being you and doing what feels right, eventually you'll find someone who will appreciate it and show you through equally loving actions.

    There are good men in the world. Men who love you past what you do for them. Men who will love you and support you when you're not being 'perfect'. Good men who know how to take personal responsibility. Men who are realistic and accepting.

    Just keep being happy and good on your end, and don't give up on that thinking that because it didn't wok out before that it won't eventually.

    Have conviction, persistence, and patience and someone worthwhile who can see you for you and respect you will come along. Wouldn't you hate for a good man to come along and not get the good treatment he deserved yet you treated the man who didn't deserve it that way?

    Stay in good spirits about it. Preserve your integrity.

    • Disclaimer: I don't mean be his slave or his submitter. Don't baby him. Be his PARTNER. Be loving without thinking you have to prove yourself worth loving. Trust me, the right man won't let you feel like you HAVE to. He won't let you be his slave. You'll work TOGETHER and be EQUAL in love. You'll have a relationship full of the right kind of cycle.

  • Ha I do what I want, I might cook for a guy who is incapable of cooking for him self apart from that no I don't cater , though cooking is catering but I would not just be his slave , Jesus ... Suffrage Set us free . Expect a bit of equality. . God lol

  • I think guys would like it, but its not enough to base a relationship on. You need to also be fun and attractive (not just physically but personality wise too) so doing all,that cooking and

    Stuff is nice, but it is a pretty small part of what a guy wants from a woman. All this said, all guys are different so some may like it more than others.