Am I weird for not wanting to see him everyday ?

Ok I have known my fiance for 4 years , we were friends for 2 years , best friends for the third year then we dated for a year and now we are engaged .

We know each other pretty well , we are both very social and have our own lives going on , we aren't that "clingy" . We love each other very much though . I talk to him on the phone every day , we chat a lot but we don't see each other except for like 3-4 days a week and he just asked me why I don't like meeting up with him everyday . I simply respponded with " I love you and I think its healthy if we spend some time apart and give each other space... that way we can miss each other , plus we are getting married soon so you will see me all the time in our house"

He just said ok...

is there a better way to handle this ? was I really wrong

Ok so I kinda left this part out : I have some issues from my day , he would cheat on my mom all the time claiming that he gets bored from her face , then one day he just left ... I know my fiance is not my dad , but I fear a boring relationship more than anything , that's why I'm trying to give him space , make him miss me so one day he doesn't just decide he's done with me... I know that sounds weird , I didn't want to tell him cause I didn't want him to get mad at me


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    That some important information.

    Not wanting to see someone every day, especially when you are young and early in a relationship, I would say that's not always a bad thing. Like you said, it keeps the relationship fresh, gives you time to grow personally and spend time on personal endeavors, and it prevents you from getting to sick of each other or fighting.

    However, your reason for this distance is the red flag to me. I fear that soon this will manifest itself as trust issues. You'll likely start fighting because you feel he is about to leave you and that he isn't paying you enough attention (like your dad did to your mom), he will obviously feel otherwise and will get angry in return.

    No offense but this is precisely why I've learned my lesson after being burned too many times, that its best to stay away from girls with daddy issues. It almost always leaves a lasting impression on them. That said, the two of you are engaged which means there is little turning back. Obviously you could call of the wedding which is a very serious decision to make but might be the right one. More practically, you should just simply work on addressing your insecurities so that they don't eventually befall on him, causing a rift in your marriage.