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Guys, need your advice--how long should I wait?

How much time should I wait to pursue a guy that has just ended a long term relationship about a month ago? Is he emotionally ready? I do not want... Show More

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  • if you're worth it, he'll be ready. Unless things ended up in a real big mess and he's a wreck. Otherwise go for it and the way he;ll look at you depends on you, not on his past relationship.

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  • I think you should call him. That's a good way. However, a personal talk is best.

    Guys move on quickly, and don't put a lot of thoughts on their emotions. He's good to go. Show that you're still interested in him, if you want a long-term relationship with him.

  • Just be friendly, but do not pursue anything more, wait until he shows hints of wanting more from you, then you can start getting flirty and making hints to him you want more, but allow him to make the move, otherwise you could just be a rebound bunk up,x

    • No. It was a girlfriend but she broke up with him. They dated about 4 years but lived in different states. They saw each other once every 4 to 6 months (for the past two years).

    • Well I would suggest to be yourself and see what moves he has that come your way, but its never a bad thing for a girl to show interest first, so it has to be a choice only you can make, good luck,x

  • I'd consider even saying something to him like, "hey, I just want you to know that I'd be interested in seeing you whenever you're ready to ask me out."

    This way you get to be direct, you show that you are understanding if he may not quite be ready, and you also "allow" him to take the lead because you're inviting him to ask you out.

    As a guy I'd love it if a woman approached me this way.

  • i'd definity wait till you though he was actually looking to date people again , I wouldn't try and rush him into something , you could just become the rebound

  • i say go for it but don't be pushy about it, or rush in to anything

  • It really depends on how long his last relationship was, but after a month he won't be ready. A good of thumb is it takes about half of the time of the last relationship to get over it. In other words, if his last relationship was two years, its going to take him a year to be emotionally ready to engage in another relationship.

  • Time isn't the issue. Make sure you're not his rebound girl... After he rebounds you're good to go ;) Good luck

  • Now is the right time

  • Be friends with him, eventually you both will fall or have a friends with benefits relationship, works best in conditions similar to you.

  • wait as long as he asks you out...

    well he was anyways wanting to brkup with his girlfriend or wife..

    so give it 2 months..but not more...

    be with him and spend time..if you want to b with himm...

    wish you good luck fr future


    • No. It was a girlfriend but she broke up with him. They dated about 4 years but lived in different states. They saw each other once every 4 to 6 months (for the past two years).

  • Time doesn't matter much at all, there's never such set time frames when things should happen. Could take him a day or 50 years to get comfortable enough to see somebody else either friendwise or romanticly.. Depends how you know him/how long you known each other or raport level or how you feel around him (Do you feel safe enough?) Pull him aside where its mutual place (Def no bar scenes, that's kinda cheap and sleazy for this and he may not take you serious) and say something like, 'Hey, I know things might be tough for you, and _your input_'

    That way he will have lots of respect for you and may not become jaded by women especially if his last relationship ended bad.. But hey, if you try to pursue him and end up with him for the long haul that's great yet if not than you tried, try to wish him luck

  • Be his friend. don't rush anything, Let him know you are there for him if he ever needs you. Let him come to you and when he does ,go slow ! Be sure he is over the x and won't dump you.

  • A month is long enough, especially if he ended it. I say go for it before someone else does.

  • No, be his friend though. If he knows that you are dependable he'll eventually consider you for a relationship.

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