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Do you get upset when randoms call you babe, baby, honey, and sweetie?

I work at the mall and deal with a lot of people. On average, it seems like at least one customer, typically an older woman 40+ will refer to me by... Show More

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  • I get this, ALL THE TIME.

    It absolutely creeps me out when an old man calls me pet names, not so much "darl" but if they call me baby, or babe, or SUGAR PIE then proceed to wink at me... Its just like, really? Were those winks so you could take memory shots for your imaginary wank bank.

    And I hate when my older male customers say to me "hope your sexy face is here next time I come in" finished with a lick of the lips and wink. You may be 80, IT STILL DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT!

    I also find it disrespectful when you hear girls aged 16-20's calling an older lady, 30's- and on

    "babe" "hun" "darl". I just think you shouldn't be calling a lady with twice your age something that isn't her name or surname (just my opinion) and its degrading to be called babe and sweetie from anyone significantly younger then you.

    Also guys who think their top stuff and are hot as F You C K and talk to you and call you all the pet names when you're serving them, its like shut the hell up? You're actually embarrassing yourself.

    Everyone should just save the pet names for your - Partner, friends, family (if that's what you do) NOT for strangers.

What Girls Said 53

  • yes I am not big on generic pet names

  • Not upset but uncomortable. And sometimes I get hun.I don't like to be called babe/baby or shorty. Honey,hun or sweetie is toleratable but I usually don't get called that in real life maybe beautiful or sweetie. Older people just talk like that I guess.

    I don't walk though but strangers in the street might say hi or ask for help/directions.Nowadays I get called mam th ough its kind of strange to me since I'm in high school.

  • I don't get upset but it is pretty awkward and can get a bit annoying

  • I live in the south, so I get this all the time. I think it's really charming when paired with a southern accent haha. :)

  • Yes kinda.I don't like it at all.I mean I don't even know him why would he calls me that name?

  • Yes, this upsets me. Seems like they're making fun of me.

  • I hate when dudes who I barely know call me babe/baby and other pet names.

  • Yes, I hate it. It's condescending and too familiar. What, do you think I'm going to be flattered that you're using a familiar term with me? Do you think that's going to win me over? No. Treat me with respect, like an adult, and I'll be flattered.

  • Sweetie would be alright I guess because I know a few who do it but if some random guy was calling me babe or baby I wouldn't enjoy it.

  • It's just their way of complimenting you without being too lewd. They are just telling you they think you are cute. They feel like they can do it innocently because they are older. It could be slightly scandalous from some of them, but most of them are probably just complimenting you.

  • upset no, creeped out yes

  • My mom is guilty of this. I remember going to grocery store and she would call the guys there hun or sweetie, she does this intentionally and I remember thinking that it was weird that she called strangers. But now its not a big thing to me, and it wouldn't upset me.

  • If they winked it'd be wierd.. But people call me those names all the time, I have no problem with it :)

  • I really, really don't like those surnames... I wouldn't like anyone calling me this way.

    The way you described it, my guess would be that some of them are well on their way to being cougars :P I'd be pretty surprised too !

  • I don't mind it, but if it is someone I am seeing and not quite dating it can be kind of awkward. I don't like pet names early on because I feel as though he could call anyone his babe or honey. I rather it were more personal and meaningful. However, if it is a stranger such as a customer service representative just being friendly, then by all means do it! Something about calling someone a cute name is an nice gesture.

  • I don't mind it. I've started doing it myself at work. But I'm a bartender. I do it to girls and guys alike and I'm careful not to say 'babe' or 'baby', those are reserved for my friends and loved ones. (Girlfriends included, "Oh babe. I'm so sorry that happened.")

    I stick to 'hun', 'honey', 'darlin', and 'sweetie'.

    But I AM a southern Texas girl. It's pretty normal here.

  • Just depends honestly. If a guy calls me "babe" or "baby" I think he just wants to get it in and I'm not a fan of those names. Guy I am talking to calls me "darling" and I find it cute. On a side note, does anyone else feel old when someone calls them ma'am? (If you're a female obviously).

  • It doesn't happen much from just basic interaction with most people. Sometimes it's just a way a person talks, like one of my coworkers. He calls almost every woman "dear." He doesn't mean anything by it, it's just being friendly.

    Arguably, a person can tell when there's something more behind a random person using a pet name. That gross feeling when someone you've never met is calling you "sweetie" and being a little too nice... I terminate those interactions as fast as possible.

    The third thing this brought to mind is the matter of hooking up. If he's flavor of the week or my one night stand, I absolutely am not his baby, and I won't tolerate being called "babe" or "baby" continuously. Other words inspire less anger, but I'd rather be called by another woman's name than hear either of those.

    • well I had few times when a young girl called me that.

    • Sometimes, I'll use a pet name in a sarcastic way, but very rarely do I apply that to anyone other than people I'm familiar with. I develop nicknames for people when I'm making friends, and using those is more meaningful and pleasant in my opinion.

  • I don't like when people I don't know call me pet names! I don't really get annoyed when a grandmother-aged woman calls me sweetheart or honey or something because they do that to anybody who's young.

  • It's annoying and it can possibly upset me as well

  • Some people call everyone babe/sweetie/darl. It could just be habit for them. I don't have a problem with it. It would only worry me if it was a really seedy guy trying to come on to me! I call my mates babe so I don't find it weird.

  • i got a name so if someone don't know me shouldn't they approach more polite? to me those words are just for picking up girls in the clubs so NO I don't like it at all.

  • if I don't know you it can be creepy. I'd rather be familiar with the person so I don't feel like prey. Pet names are really intimate for me.

  • i am a culprit of this myself. if I don't know someones name I will call them "dear" or "darlin" or "good lookin" not to hit on them just to be friendly/polite.

    i have a male co-worker that calls every woman "good looking" or "baby"

    to me its just normal.

  • I have never liked being called those surnames/petnames, no matter how old I was. The earliest occurrence I can recall is when I was in grade school and a teacher called these names to me. Things did not go down so nicely. Fast forward to today, I still haven't gotten use to it and when I'm at work, despite wearing a name tag, I still get called these things and for me, it feels extremely demeaning, belittling and I get creeped out by it. I have learned that older gentlemen and older women are stuck in their ways and most often do not mean anything by it (even though I find it degrading).

  • I think they mean it as more of a compliment. but I know how you feel, this guy at school Continues to call me sweet heart and it gets a little old after a while.

  • I think it's cute and friendly :) So, no I don't take offence. Unless it was said patronizingly, then I would.

  • No because I just ignore it and move on.

  • I get hun, baby & MISSY! LOL! But what really rattles me is sweetie I don't know why. I guess I've never liked it. But one thing I don't like the waiter called me today was Ma'am don't call me that until I'm married.

    • what about calling you "baby muffin"? :-P

    • Lol that's what my boyfriend calls me

  • Sounds a bit creepy if it's older women saying "babe" and "baby" to you.

    Just like guys in class saying stuff like that at us girls. I would see it as a sort of bullying in that case. But in your case I think they're just trying to be nice.

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What Guys Said 12

  • No. It's pretty meaningless. I'm not that egotistical to think any person who says such a thing necessarily wants to have sex with me :) It's called being warm.

  • I get rather irritated when people use such words D: (Yet again, I do tend to say "Lass" to women :/)

  • Down here, it would be "my lover" (spelled l-u-v-v-e-r), which I agree does sound a little strange coming from a middle-aged woman whom you've never previously met.

  • Yes. Just roll with it dude. It's better than not getting any attention at all... Not to say I'm into older women or anything, but it's just the way the world works, don't let it get to you, I guarentee you 99% of those women mean no foul.

    - soaren

  • Absolutely hate it!

    Unless its a barmaid then I don't mind so much as she brings beer!

  • damm those ladies want to hunt you down haha..

    tk those in a positive manner they mean you look cute..

  • At-lest she's not a biitch... I go work and a much coolder atmosphere

  • I'm fine with being called "sweetie" - it's usually by an older woman who's just being nice. I've never been called "babe", "baby", or "honey", though. Maybe you're just particularly attractive to the ladies haha? In any case I might be a bit flattered but I'd also be a bit creeped out. In the end I'd try to stay away from them but I'd go away feeling flattered, I guess.

  • It depends... Professionally, no. If I'm on the job and someone refers to me as hun or honey, babe... I think that isn't professional. But sometimes older women that work for my customers call me hun or something along those lines I don't worry about it. I hate it when a man calls me Jr. or sonny or kid... I'm in my late 20's and served in the Marines for 8 years, if I don't get respect I take it.

  • Yeah, usually the older folks will do that.

    It shocks my brain to hear that coming from a stranger who has no emotional investment in me.

  • A girl blew up at me because she THOUGHT I called her sweetie, which I find disgusting she would completely freak out about that and then publicly embarrass me. I get called sweetie and hon by waitresses, and it's never made me want to completely flip out and start screaming at them, or even snap "I'm not your sweetie." It doesn't really bother me. I take it as a thing they do, maybe for extra tips (sounds nicer and more flirty, he may tip better!), or that girls sometimes do this anyway. I don't take it as them wanting me, or trying to get me to cheat (if I have a girlfriend), though I might occasionally joke to male friends that they do. I take it as a generic nickname that they probably call other customers (male or female).

    I have pet names for a few close female friends. But there are certain ones I will always reserve for girlfriends.

  • No I don't honey bunchkins

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