Do you get upset when randoms call you babe, baby, honey, and sweetie?

I work at the mall and deal with a lot of people. On average, it seems like at least one customer, typically an older woman 40+ will refer to me by some form of "babe" or "baby". I also get this reference when I am the customer, usually at the grocery. Quite a few follow the 'babe" or "baby" with a slight wink ;) lol, which I find to be a little well ummm... scandalous, perhaps lol anyways does anyone else experience this


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  • I get this, ALL THE TIME.

    It absolutely creeps me out when an old man calls me pet names, not so much "darl" but if they call me baby, or babe, or SUGAR PIE then proceed to wink at me... Its just like, really? Were those winks so you could take memory shots for your imaginary wank bank.

    And I hate when my older male customers say to me "hope your sexy face is here next time I come in" finished with a lick of the lips and wink. You may be 80, IT STILL DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT!

    I also find it disrespectful when you hear girls aged 16-20's calling an older lady, 30's- and on

    "babe" "hun" "darl". I just think you shouldn't be calling a lady with twice your age something that isn't her name or surname (just my opinion) and its degrading to be called babe and sweetie from anyone significantly younger then you.

    Also guys who think their top stuff and are hot as F You C K and talk to you and call you all the pet names when you're serving them, its like shut the hell up? You're actually embarrassing yourself.

    Everyone should just save the pet names for your - Partner, friends, family (if that's what you do) NOT for strangers.