Do men mind if a girl is a bookworm?

I enjoy going out and about. Like in the summer, I love hiking, swimming, going to the beach, going to bar patios, basically I love the outdoors. I always buy a Canada's Wonderland season pass so I can go as much as I like. I'm happy if I can go camping as well. I know how to have fun, but there... Show More

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  • What a jack ass! one in a million and your stumbled on the lottery. Being a book worm isn't a turn off, might even be the contrary for me.

    Quote: He said that most men can't stand women who are bookworms because they don't know how to have fun.

    Most men aren't you Jack ass and know how to have fun.

    I think it has more to do with the idea of going out with an intellectual girl. Somebody who might someday start having deep intellectual conversations about modern topics. The idea of looking dumb during one of these fiery conversation topic, would seriously plummet his confidence. So as a result of that fear he's labeled the book readers as NO Fun.

    Do men mind if a girl is a bookworm? nope, as long as she doesn't bring along her whole library to a date. It's a matter of setting, I guess if you bring a book with you somewhere people assume that you are bored, because you are reading a book instead of paying attention to them. Which is true. That's why it's important to know in which setting to bring a book. If we are going camping, absolutely bring the library. If we are going sky diving, then to a restaurant, then finish the day with a movie. Don't bring it.

    You'll have to use logic on settings matters.