Do men mind if a girl is a bookworm?

I enjoy going out and about. Like in the summer, I love hiking, swimming, going to the beach, going to bar patios, basically I love the outdoors. I always buy a Canada's Wonderland season pass so I can go as much as I like. I'm happy if I can go camping as well. I know how to have fun, but there are some days where I want to just stay in and read a good book. I love reading, and I always love buying new books or ebooks.

I was talking about being a bookworm today and some guy coughed into his hand "boring bitch!" and I asked him what that was supposed to mean. He said that most men can't stand women who are bookworms because they don't know how to have fun.

But this is not true about me at all. I love having fun, but I also love reading.


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  • What a jack ass! one in a million and your stumbled on the lottery. Being a book worm isn't a turn off, might even be the contrary for me.

    Quote: He said that most men can't stand women who are bookworms because they don't know how to have fun.

    Most men aren't you Jack ass and know how to have fun.

    I think it has more to do with the idea of going out with an intellectual girl. Somebody who might someday start having deep intellectual conversations about modern topics. The idea of looking dumb during one of these fiery conversation topic, would seriously plummet his confidence. So as a result of that fear he's labeled the book readers as NO Fun.

    Do men mind if a girl is a bookworm? nope, as long as she doesn't bring along her whole library to a date. It's a matter of setting, I guess if you bring a book with you somewhere people assume that you are bored, because you are reading a book instead of paying attention to them. Which is true. That's why it's important to know in which setting to bring a book. If we are going camping, absolutely bring the library. If we are going sky diving, then to a restaurant, then finish the day with a movie. Don't bring it.

    You'll have to use logic on settings matters.


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  • Not at all. I read too, and always have. Enjoying reading is definitely NOT mutually exclusive to knowing how to have fun.

    Don't let one guy's narrow-minded view affect you.

  • that guy was an as*hole. there is absolutely nothing wrong with a girl who likes to read and certainly bookworms are not necessarily boring... that guy is just a loser who would rather make immature comments who makes rash decisions without getting to know someone.

  • Ignorance is considered masculine, still, by a few nimrods out there. Don't worry about them, they won't be reproducing much, so soon they won't be in the gene pool.

  • I'm married to one.<3

    She's addicted to our public library.

    That leaves me some time to post here. :D

  • Nope, I would definitely date a girl like you. You're like the ideal girlfriend that I'm always dreaming of.

    Don't mind every person that you meet, and don't give a care about the things that they say. You're a bookworm because you find happiness in it, and you also love having fun. People have distinct tastes and preferences.

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  • That guy just has his own tastes. Maybe its where you live because it is isn't like that way at all in my town! Quite the opposite actually. The place I get most hit on is in the book store or library and those guys seem to love it. I've talked nonstop with guys about books. Every guy that I've dated ended up loving books and reading them constantly after I gave them some of my books. If you want to get a guy book work then check out the Philosophy section. That and the history section or religion section are the hotspots for guys who will flirt.

    Be who you are. :) if you keep talking about books, I'm sure a fun bookworm will overhear you and things might go they way you want to! :D

  • I have never had a problem and I'm exactly like you, I've got loads of friends love having fun, and the outdoors, hell I even shake my ass in clubs- but I love reading too

    I literally just got off a date and the guy seemed to be head of heels over me for no other reason than my intelligence. He said talking to me was like talking to a hot dictionary :P and he said it was wonderful. I'm apt to believe him as I've gotten comments like that before. Most men love smart women. We challenge their brains, both of them, and most men secretly or not secretly love a challenge.

  • i am the same way I love to have fun go camping,shopping,parties but I also love to read I have read 4 books in the last week all over 500 pages but I mainly read late at night so I don't take all day and I mainly read when I have no plans or during summer when I am not tired.

  • Not if you're pretty.

  • Wtf lol that is so incredibly rude...Anyways I'm not a guy and not really a 'bookworm' either but I am always reading/studying for school and my boyfriend likes it. He always tells me he loves having a sexy AND intelligent girlfriend :). So you are fine.

    • You're boyfriend has good taste. I'm the same way, sexy and intelligent is the PERFECT combination.

    • your *

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