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What about having a girl hair wrap in a black bag is sexy? or at least in a pony tail?

Yesterday, I straightened my hair for college but I had no idea it was going to rain the day after and oh boy did it rained and snowed a bit. So I... Show More

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  • i prefer when girls have their hair up, but putting it in a bag is weird. use an umbrella

    • I did. I just gave it some extra protection with a bag because I was in a rush and couldn't find a hat.

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  • No idea what that is, but long straight hair, or long curly hair = sexiest.

  • Did any of the guy who approached you walk that way ? link I can't imagine that the black bag is what made you that attractive, you were just having a good day I guess. Some girls look particularly nice with a pony tail or other variants of having their hair up, but I like better when the girl has her hair free.

    • I think they saw me like a Egyptian queen or something and probably because my face and eyes were pronounce.

  • I think the sight might have just been odd enough that their stares went beyond WTF to "Is she off her medication?". Lol, I'm not trying to be mean, but I don't think the black bag look with ever be considered sexual.

    • I think they saw me like a Egyptian queen or something and probably because my face and eyes were pronounce. Since it was wrap nicely in a bag ahaha.

  • A black bag? I once had a two bagger...

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  • Lol like a plastic bag!? I don't think I could pull that off but wen it was raining I used my scarf to wrap my head,I got looks but they mostly looked dirty not friendly!

    • yeah, like the plastic black bag for grocery. Ahaha, I was walking like nothing but no one gave me the like wtf? look ahahaha. I think guys understand a girl when it comes to hair.

  • lol I have noo idea. put it back on, and take a look at yourself in the mirror. Is it really that sexy?or maybe they were attracted to the amount of 'guts' you had to run around with a bag on your head and not care lol.-love Sosa

  • I'm not sure if you know what a WTF stare is lol. I'm almost positive they were looking at you like wtf and you were just interpreting it like "wow". Sometimes when people want to subtly make fun of you, they'll pretend like you're the hottest woman you've ever seen and give you free stuff just to be funny. But come on, even you know you didn't look hot with your hair wrapped in a black bag. They were just clowning

    • Trust me I know what is a wtf? I got a guy whoe ven offered me a free slice of pizza. So you're tellign me everyone that came up to me and being nice was all a lie. Because I know when someone is making fun of me.

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