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Am I just meant to be alone forever?

I don't want to have you read a long story, but long story short, I am in love with someone who does not feel the same. I have done everything I can... Show More

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  • Yeah I have DEFINATLY had this with a girl. It's been two years an I am finally almost over her. It was not easy at all. I'd dream about her and think about her all the time. Your mind seems to play tricks on you. My situation was I never made a move and I was too afraid. I always had regrets about it but things may have been better this way. There's no easy way of letting go except time. I wish I had some good advice for you but there really is none except meeting new guys. Don't try to fight your feelings for him cause it will just make things worse, just try to stay focused and let time pass. You will get over it though, I honestly never thought I would but I am and I'm glad, to be honest it was miserable.

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  • stop looking at the pictures, stop reading old text, delete everything you have of him that reminds you, don't think just do it, now you can start to replace the old memories with the new, keep going out with friends, new places you have not been before, if you keep hanging around friends, it will be over soon, but keep deliberatly thinking about what ifs and anything to do with him, your going to hurt for a long time, have a rebound relationship if need be, but do what you can to keep you busy, this will help, and yes, you always end up loving someone more than before, because they love you more than they did also,x

  • we need to talk about this :) add me

  • Sadly, many people feel like this at some point, myself included. I would guess you wrote this when you felt especially low and maybe don't feel this bad all the time, take some faith in that.The good/bad news depending on how you look at it is that if it was a serious relationship and you loved him, a year really isn't that long. The biggest part of getting over someone is acceptance , which to be honest it sounds like you are close to doing. Accept how you feel, and accept that you can never have him back and stop dreaming of you two together. I know you can't stop thinking of him, but imagine scenarios where you tell him how you feel and he tells you ithat he doesn't feel the same. Accept that it hurts, and accept that it is normal.It will get better I promise. It's been 2 +1/2 years since my marriage collapsed, and I'm only just starting to consider dating again seriously.

  • First you shld take a break from all this and go for a refreshing vacation...even a small1 will do...go with your closed frnds or family members...just try to refresh yourself and get back and start a new day with new hope

  • be glad you have at least dated before

  • You haven't gotten over him be cause you're still looking at his pictures. Don't speak to him, don't hang out with him, text him, or look at a picture of him for a year. Then, you will be over him. It works.

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  • Ive felt this way about a man for three years. I don't know how I got over him, but I did. Now I can see him and laugh at how obsessed I was! but the reality is you need to cut him off, cut any contact, particularly Facebook or anything that keeps you connected. Otherwise you will never move on. I remember feeling the same way and thinking I will never find anyone again, but I did:)

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