Can interracial relationships last ?

I am a black man I sometimes date other women out of my race do you think interracial relationships can last ?

Can someone please rate my question I will give BA


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  • Interracial relationships are no more or less likely to fail than other relationships. They may have some added pressures depending on how the people around them feel but there are many couples who have worked out just fine. There are so many individual factors that affect any relationship and race is only one of them.

    Black marrying black, white marrying white,

    Black marrying asian, Asian marrying Mexican,

    Mexican marrying asian...They all have the same chance of staying married for a very long time..

    The color of your skin won't determine if you will stay married, Love,commitment,and trust determine if you will stay married...

    I feel Race has nothing to do with Love,marriage,divorce,kids,life.

    • Thank You Bro.

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  • Yes absolutely! (You long as one of you isn't racist)

  • Love has no color! Go for it, as long as your happy! It can definitely last!

  • If the connection is strong enough then yes. It's not always about color; sometimes it's just bad timing or sometimes their bond just isn't strong enoguh for it to last.

  • Uh yes wtf.

  • Certain interracial relationships are more likely to last...

    For instance, white man-Asian women are most likely to last, although Asian-Asian is most likely to last(regarding same race relationships), because they have, you know, culture.

    Can they last? Yeah.

    Relationships often fail for other reasons though

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  • Of course, some of the most successful relationships are borne from interracial relationships.

  • I say yes they definitely can...there may be more obstacles in the relationship due to family and/or friends of you or her "disapproving" even to the point of trying to sabotage.

    Odds are lower, but it's possible.

    Btw white men / black women married couples have the lowest divorce race out of interracial marriages.

  • I've had interracial relationships, my best love is my son's mother, and she's black...

    Unfortunately we got together before I truly grasped Maslow's theory of Self Actualization. In short, I had a lot of growing up (coping, overcoming, developing a healed identity - not being an a**hole, basically) to do.

    When two people have dealt with their issues, can carry their baggage and look like refined travelers instead of confused, overburdened refugees - they're able to develop a real bond. An open, caring, respectful love takes two well matured personalities that are compatible.

    I didn't deal with my problems in time. But I think it still goes in the 'win' category that we loved each other for many years.

    Because of the love I cultivated with her, when I find myself in the arms of a black woman, it's like returning home.

    I might carry a torch. One day I'll meet a very savvy, mature, intelligent and brave woman, of any race, who will help me out.

    Back to your question. Being objective, two people of different races, getting together in this multi-polar world of news media whipping every side of an argument up into a froth, until everyone has their own "deal breakers" for every friendship, are beating the odds.

    It's a cathartic experience to just be you, with someone else who's just being them, seeing the color difference but looking deeper than the skin.

    Part of it is the act of two people crossing the color barrier, smashing down old restraining ideas. Another is the difference in culture. There is a different way of life in every family, but differences in race add more factors to the equation.

    When you're in a mixed relationship, it's like you sidestep out of the white/black situation, and are two lovers alone on a desert island. Because there's going to be issues on each side. I lost black male friends. She got grief from family members, because I'm the very average white guy. Not everyone got it.

    So, yeah, it can last. It takes heart. And it takes maturity. Same as any other relationship. Maybe thicker skin. The ability to bust gang-bangers' and crackers' balls, with equal opportunity to tell them what sh*ts they're being. Without getting shot. That's important. Some people get way too upset over things that don't concern them.

  • I guess every single child of mixed racial origin all must have parents who are divorced.

  • Yes, race is in your mind. There's not even a scientific basis for race.

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