Can interracial relationships last ?

I am a black man I sometimes date other women out of my race do you think interracial relationships can last ?

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  • Interracial relationships are no more or less likely to fail than other relationships. They may have some added pressures depending on how the people around them feel but there are many couples who have worked out just fine. There are so many individual factors that affect any relationship and race is only one of them.

    Black marrying black, white marrying white,

    Black marrying asian, Asian marrying Mexican,

    Mexican marrying asian...They all have the same chance of staying married for a very long time..

    The color of your skin won't determine if you will stay married, Love,commitment,and trust determine if you will stay married...

    I feel Race has nothing to do with Love,marriage,divorce,kids,life.

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      Thank You Bro.