My Girlfriend doesn't know if she loves me anymore-any insight?

My Girlfriend and I had been together for 5 months now. We had been fight almost once a week for the past month. I few days ago, I asked her do you love me anymore and do you want to be with me, she said she doesn't know but she doesn't want to break up with me either. We still text as much as we used to and we hung out a couple times afterward, both times, all in all, was good and we had fun. But there are "incidents" both times. The first time when hung out, I said I love you and she replied OK. She didn't say I love you back and I asked her why, she said she need more time, she is not show how she feels yet. The second time, we hung out, She got extremely jealous when one of my female friends, who she always thinks she likes me, texted me and told me if my female friend keeps it up, she's gonna say something to her. I really don't know how she feels or what she's is thinking? I need insight on wtf is going on...


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  • Don't trip and stay cool like fonzie ha ha but no seriously if she didn't like ya she wouldn't be talking to ya you're over thinking the situation man just take it slow and give her time to figure it out and if it takes her forever to figure it out then consider trying no contact for a bit and see how she reacts if she text or calls just talk to her like someone you've known forever but haven't seen in awhile do not act like you head over heels for the girl j/s...sometimes people need time apart to think and figure sh*t out and then they'll get back together and be stonger than ever but you gotta play it cool and keep your mind from wondering bout her and her intentions play xbox go to the gym do sh*t that is going to benefit you and your own life, go on a date because it'll help your self esteem just don't try dippin in your date if you really want this other girl lol but yea self improvement is always good and we can always improve ourselves in some way...Good luck

    • thanks you

    • No prob glad to help I've been through some sh*t with females and am glad to help anyone to prevent them from learning the hardway but sometimes that's the only way people such as myself learn I guess lol but most of all you gotta be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else or make someone else happy. You are most important in your life and self improvement and a positive attitude is your key to happiness as well as your happiness with someone else...

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  • tell her she needs to make a decision or you'll leave her... see how she reacts to that.


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  • I'm sorry for that but sometimes girls when they found new love directly they start creating the troubles

  • I hate it when girls keep you in the loop without being clear as to what they really want.

    Men need more girls who are confident and know what they want. It doesn't help one person knowing ... it takes two for a relationship!