What do you prefer a guy who is desperate for success in his career or a guy who can love you to the core?

a guy can never be both at the same time. I am sure about it. I had similar experiences like this once I was very desperate for success, I cared none. I took a break , loved a girl truly but that too didn't go well.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think it can go hand in hand. I'd choose a guy who can love me to the core. I have a guy who I think is both. We are both that way. During finals we send a good luck text but that is it because we need to concentrate. He said that he loves me and wants me to be proud of he is becoming and be able to spoil me with presents. lol. I don't really need that sort of thing but he's been getting straight As and is planning his career so that he can "provide." I never asked for it but he says he wants to because he loves me and he doesn't want me making 100k while he makes 40k.