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What do you prefer a guy who is desperate for success in his career or a guy who can love you to the core?

a guy can never be both at the same time. I am sure about it. I had similar experiences like this once I was very desperate for success, I cared... Show More

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  • I think it can go hand in hand. I'd choose a guy who can love me to the core. I have a guy who I think is both. We are both that way. During finals we send a good luck text but that is it because we need to concentrate. He said that he loves me and wants me to be proud of he is becoming and be able to spoil me with presents. lol. I don't really need that sort of thing but he's been getting straight As and is planning his career so that he can "provide." I never asked for it but he says he wants to because he loves me and he doesn't want me making 100k while he makes 40k.

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  • Between the choices, love me to the core.

    Money sadly makes the world go round, but we could make it work. A man driven by success is attractive to a degree, but success starts to take over, he starts wanting to make you fit the trophy wife image. Not every girl is up to that.

  • a good balance of both... but if I had to choose...i'd choose the love...but then again I wouldn't be with someone in the first place, who isn't ambitious and has drive and goals in ife

  • Desperate for success

  • he can be desperate all he wants, that does not grantee a life long high paying job with tons of money and we end up billionaires becasue he was so passionate. money comes and goes. perfect example, titanic.

    i want a good man to love and care for me always. when I'm sick he rushes home to hold me, hell stay with me through the bad, and together live and laugh. when we die I wana hold his hand and we go together

  • It's all about balance... But I want a guy who loves me more than he loves his career.

  • Career

  • I'd rather a guy who loved me to the core, as long as I love him back the same.

  • In theory, both become integral but because of the impulsive obsession to have needs and wants satisfied immediately, the safety and security of love comes to mind first then money and sacrifices become the next important necessity to fulfill.

    Honestly, I would prefer to get the feelings and deal breakers done as quickly as possible so that both partners are on even ground then move on to complete personal goals that they want to accomplish. :) That's how my fiancee and I did. It's working out rather swimmingly.

  • he needs to love me to the core...that's the more important of the two. id rather be poor and loved than rich and lonely. I'm in the running for best answer! :D haha.

    • hmm...have you read the answers mindy?...girls are posting really confusing answers...if the above one says desperate, the below says its love to the core... I think I have asked a question of personal choice and preference, there will be no universal answer for this question!

    • tis true. its different for every person...but I still stick w/my answer.


  • A guy can be both, it just doesn't have to be that extreme! An ambitious guy with a caring heart is probably a good balance :)

  • Depends on what's more important to you...starving artists are great for a while ...there's a reason why their good in the sac...got more time and why stay if they were lousy and lazy...security is a big thing if you want to not worry about finances but the downside to that guy..is everything has a price and he's always away getting the bigger salary...so I would prefer a compitant lay...knows where his true success lies and doesn't take that for granted..you can have all the money and success in the world but love can complete you...so those who can balance have the right idea

  • Do you want a girl to be with you for your money or do you want a girl who will love you for who you are? I feel like every women want love, including me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE men with power and success but I don't think I can love someone that doesn't love me for long. It would be too painful and lonely to be with someone that wouldn't give me the time of day. Every women need love and affection ;)

    • well said, listen to her ^

  • you can equalize both of them and then love will gives you some hope

  • Desperation is never attractive in anyone.

  • Ok would the guy be scamming off me? Look if he has a job that is stable, I would prefer him to love me to the core.

  • I want someone who has goals, and stuff they want to do. But, my last boyfriend broke up with me because he was too focused on his career and it really sucked. I guess I'd want a combination of someone who want to achieve things but is willing to put some effort into me as well.

  • I agree with you there are those so desperate to succeed they give up a normal life. It is quite unbelievable the extremes they go to until you actually see it for yourself. I admire their determination but can not understand it very well. The guy who I wish loved me to the core is one of these desperate to succeed he is so focused the rest of the world me included are just unwanted distractions. But I have no doubt he will succeed and be brilliant while I pine away, ha I would chose a man to love me.

  • A guy who can love me to the core. Money doesn't mean crap to me. Money comes and money goes. I want true love

  • rather be loved, if he is too in love with his career to love me, then he should just be single and be a player.

  • Men can be both. Just because you can't doesn't mean other men can't.

  • They should not be mutually exclusive.

  • I want both... I live in NY... people get both here... Although you do have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince here... But I'm a princess and am worthy of both... I know every woman wants that and only the top 10% get it... Thank g-d I'm not part of the 90% lol... Don't hate I've had to kiss frogs!

  • Desperate for success as if you would be a male stripper or a male gigolo as all cost for success? I guess what do you define as success. Money, car, house, and material possessions? Truly care for a girl but can't provide the lifestyle she seeks, isn't going to work either. Desperate is really never attractive.

    I would rather be with someone who work hard and follow their passionates because they are a reflection of me. I can understand them better anyways. Success comes and goes but truly living is amazing and can only experience in the moment before it, too, shall pass. Time > Money / Superifical Success, people just don't realized it.

What Guys Said 3

  • For most of the girls I see in my life, they usually go to the guy who can love them to the core when their age is still young.

    However, when girls aged and hit 30s, they usually go with the guy who's desperate for success in his career.

  • I don't see where you get it can't be both. Just because you aren't capable does not mean the next guy isn't.

  • Obviously they will demand both

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