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Should I continue waiting or give up?

Hello. I hope you'll are able to help me. There's this girl which I have dated for about 2 months and I really like her very much. However, she told... Show More

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  • I've kinda been through the same. Few months ago I fell in love with a guy from Australie (I'm from The Netherlands), he loves me too, but said that we can't be together because we live too far away. He also said it was better for me to move on, because I only deserve the best, and he thought that was someone else than him. I also asked him how he felt if I tried to move on, he told me he would try too, but there was probably no one else he could love more than he loved me.

    So in your case, I guess she loves you, but she's not ready for it yet and thinks that you deserve better than her.

    If you really love her, just say that you can't move on because you love her so much, and that you will wait untill she is ready and that you're always there for her..

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  • This is easy man...she doesn't want a relationship with you. She's just trying to be nice to you. Never wait on women man. She made it very very clear that she's not into you. This is not confusing at all. Learn to see the red flags with a girl is losing interest. Pay little attention to what they say...instead let their actions tell you how they really feel. Good luck

  • You know her, we don't.

    If you think she's just having an insecure week, then stay with her.

    If she's been like that ever since you started "dating" then move on and respect her words.

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