Trying to quit a girl you're in love with.

But She never had the same feelings and thought you were only friends.

It's the hardest thing in the world. And my heart is still hurting after a week.

It doesn't help the fact that she is trying to get back into one of her old relationships which was physically abusive and knowing he is hurting her is hurting me even more.


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  • Try to understand you have closure that you may always love her but not in love with her, and that she gave you an answer that she cannot be intimate with you.

    Other cases that could've happened is that she dates you but breaks up with you without giving you a reason. Or that both of you love each other but cannot be together (she's married, for some reason she still not chooses to be with you but keep dropping words of love making it so misleading). Your current turmoil is not understanding how this could not work when you feel so much and fell so hard for her.

    Until you become less attached of how much you loved her, live your life so much that you value yourself or another person. Don't scold yourself on how you have to get over her immediately, feelings do not follow logic nor an arbitrary date/timeline. You can research about grieving and see if you can understand yourself better to nurture your pain. For some it is better to embrace their tragedies and give freedome to hurt than constantly distracting themselves in order to heal and let go.

    The first question and answer from this article might help you:



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  • you can only do so much.

    that's too bad she is going back to a bad relationship.

    she should know better after one try or learn from it.

    in the end you are not obligated to help her.

    but maybe mention to her that she is really going back to something that will fail again

    and move on.

    sorry for your loss.


  • Wow that is tough try to distract yourself by keeping yourself busy.

  • find a new hobby, be passionate about a sport or something, get your mind off her and improve your self.

  • You have to go do something extreme to shake this off. One of my friends recommended bungee jumping or going to an amusement park and taking all the horrible extreme rides till your brains feel like jelly and you're just happy to be alive. He claims that it worked for him -- or at least took the hard edge off his feelings.

  • Time and try avoiding her if that's possible, good luck!

  • Sorry, but she sounds like an idiot. Why would anyone try to get back into an abusive relationship? Geez, people are stupid! If that's what she wants in life, then get away from her. You could try talking to her about the abusive guy, but if it doesn't work, bail. You can't help someone who won't help themselves.

    I always cut off contact if I'm trying to "get over" someone. It's hard, but it works.

  • I would talk to her about her relationship with this guy. No one should be in a relationship with an abusive person.


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  • This is a life. you don't always what you want. I got experience 4-5 times I really like a girl but because I could not express it, it is nothing, cause the girl doesn't understand and know my feeling, just being her friend. I feel that I won't have a crush anymore, cause its useless cause I am the one will get hurt. I hope I never, have feeling for someone, and focus to another thing. sometimes I feel that its really ridiculious I always have a feeling for girl who already taken, I hardly move on so I miss chance meet with girl who like me, I can't accept their feeling cause I have feeling for other. That's a love make us blind and love for one girl, sincere sacrifice everything for her.