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Help with boyfriend, says he loves me and is sorry but doesn't show it. Why?

My boyfriend has been with me for a year he is very stubborn and impossible , everything is about his respect and he puts me down calls me names and... Show More

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  • You are "misrable but I do love him" notice anything wrong with that sentence?!

    This is not love, this is bull*hit. Pure and simple.

    He plays mr lover to fool you into you. You my friend are being played.

    You need to leave and be a strong person. When he tries "he makes it hard to leave with his tantrums and constant rude texts if I do which he uses things against me, even private personal and embarrassing things which no one should do especially if your sick" you need still walk out the door. He doesn't respect you, you have no back bone. I'm sure you can think of embarrassing things about him that you could tell.

    This is not love. You are foolish if you think otherwise.

    My ex cheated (with his ex girlfriend who was in town) and I kicked him to the curb, never looked back.

    This man does not match your value.

What Guys Said 2

  • i didn't even read the whole thing, I stopped at cheating, because it would be wasteful of my time.

    you know EXACTLY what to do, and that is - TO LEAVE HIM.

    now, if you wanna be "stubborn and impossible" and most of all stupid and completely retarded then hey, stay with him and look for "solutions" and "answers."

    grow up already.

  • leave him, he is not good, if you do not leave him then he is going to get worse. he cheats on you, that's the bottom line, he is using you, he doesn't care about you, to him you are a "booty call" I am concerned about your health he will do anything to be able to use you, with everything you are saying, I am surprise and kinda on a edge that he is also beating on you, now think of it for a second, if you didn't have the miscarriage then you would have him be the father, that's not the type of figure you want your child to be. there is no reason to continue being with him, love is a 2 way street he is making it obvious that he doesn't, nor will love anyone but himself and his **** and isn't going to change anytime soon, you are getting hurt, you don't need or should have that, leave him, look for someone else, someone that treats you right and not this sleazeball.

What Girls Said 2

  • Leave him- there is no excuse for what he is doing. Don't blame yourself or anything, the way he treats you, it sounds he is only saying to keep you, guess that is all his effort.

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