Question for white women (and black women and ... everyone)?

What do you think when you see an interracial couple where the woman is black and the male white?

I'm asking because when I saw it, in my past, I would just wonder "hmm, I wonder what he's like and what she's like." Nothing negative, it just made me think more than I would for a intraracial couple.

Being in one, myself, feels so normal and natural, but recently after two years, for some ODD reason, I notice more stares from while girls. I guess we stand out a little more... Don't know...

Haha, I wanna know what everyone thinks actually. Not that it will affect me in any way. I just wanna see if others had similar or differentl thoughts than I did.


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  • I don't care. I know a lot of mixed couples (other cultures as well) and there is nothing awkward to me. I mean when there is a lot of differnces in religional, cultural traditional background it sometimes doesn't work out, but that has never something to do with skin color.

    Actually I totally agree mith Michaelmwm19! Good statement!


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  • To be 100% honest ...

    It would make me think of this website!

    There's so much talk about it here, and honestly, I think -good-. For a variety of reasons (I think mainly cultural misunderstanding) this type of relationship is not as common as it might be. And yes, some black women aren't interested in white men, and yes, some white men aren't interested in black women, but hell, I think we've all learned (hopefully) here that some are very, very much interested.

    I think I actually notice attractive black women out and around even more then I used to.

  • I don't even think about it.

  • I guess it's more the "Americanized" black girls in the cities that are into rap and pimp and ho and all the degrading trash. I find the stuff kinda rough even though some of the girls are cute. Are you Caribbean? I work with some Caribbean-heritage black girls now, and guys, and and they're a lot more mellow and not into the rap scene. They like raggae and calypso and island music and so do I. They're sweet and easy-going people.

    • Yeah. I don't like to see people acting ridiculous in public as if It's cool or cute. Yeah, born in Jamaica, although, I must say that I get made fun of by family for trying to speak with a JA accent haha. I agree with ya! We can be mellow (sometimes).

  • As a white guy, I've dated some black girls at work or at college. Sure, people would look at us. The girls would feel more uncomfortable than me because it's apparently an expectation in the black community for girls to not get involved with white guys, and to preserve their color. I really liked the girls I dated and we had some good times. We hit it off well. At some point, though, there are some very real cultural differences that we'd both find hard to deal with. For example, I like most kinds of music but not rap or hip hop, which I find to be degrading and offensive. The girls were very much into rap, and their families too, and it's just part of their culture I guess. There were other issues as well. The girl I liked the most felt an urge to act ghetto around her friends and family, even though she wasn't like that in her heart, and sweet other times.

    • Wow. That's weird. I'm not into rap. Lots of my friends aren't either. None of my family is (we are mainly into reggae (slow vibes mainly) haha). I'm a huge pop and beyonce fan, rap is cool sometimes (the clean music). I believethat race does NOT define culture. I have some cultural differences with certain Americanized members of my family and even the super Caribbean people. although, these differences are more minor.

  • I am with a girl who has very dark skin (although she is asian/not black) and I know that different people have their own perspectives on things.

    I think there is some stereotypes on black/white relationships.

    Often if it is a black guy with a white girl it is thought that she is with him because its cool, or for the sex or whatever. If a white guy is with a black girl then it may be thought that the girl is with him because white guys are more giving in relationships or something.

    I think it is all baloney, I have had a few inter-racial and inter-cultural relationships and when it comes down to it everyone is an individual and shouldn't really be stereotyped. I for one enjoy going out with different cultures/races because I think it is really interesting because you get to look through another set of eyes and get a different perspective on things but the color of someones skin is definitely second to their own individual personality and beauty and I think this is true for most people in these relationships.

    I think I look a bit closer at inter-racial couples when I see them though just because they stand out a little bit and being in one myself makes me feel a bit more affinity for them :)

    When I see inter-racial relationships I think about the learning dynamic that exists within them, and I think same culture/race relationships have an easier time of it but they miss out on that learning dynamic I mentioned above.

    • Thanks for this amazing answer!

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  • I'm white and I've been with my cambodian boyfriend for 3 sister has been with his brother for over uncle has been with his native wife for 20yrs...I think interacial couples are more comen now...Its rare to see peopl of the same ethnicity together..attraction is even tho I'm with a bodian now I may end up marrying a different guy of a different race...or my own..I personally enjoy the culture among different ethnicities..and being able to surround yourself with what they have to offer...I would hope no one gives a sh*t anymore...but I guess we rnt there just yet

    • Oh that's interesting!

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    • Hey I didn't down vote you lol

    • lol...i love context...everything wrong everything right...

  • I think that when you love someone you don't see color or race you see a person that gives you indescribable feelings. You fall in love with their soul.

    • That's true. It's funny, randomly yet seldom, I'd say to my guy "oh wow, you're white haha."

      His race comes into my conscious mind essentially only when someone reminds me.

    • lol same thing with my man haha. I never really see it till people point it out lol. Sometimes we will be at his parents and they tell me how bad I need a tan cause I look like a ghost sitting next to him. lol But it is worth it!

  • I don't care at all honestly. At the risk of sounding bitchy or shallow or something, I will say that sometimes, I do wonder, but just because a lot of interracial couples I see with a black woman and white male, the woman is significantly better looking that the man, and I sort of wonder why she doesn't feel like she can do better.

    I know that sounds awful, and that the guy probably has a great personality, but it does cross my mind when it happens.

    • Thanks! I think that thought is normal, not bitchy.

  • What I think, would depend on what they are doing..

    • I get downvoted cause I don't care what race they are?

    • Haha. I don't know why anyone would care that you said that .. I guess people just enjoy downvoting

  • I don't really care, but I think she needs to be careful because a lot of white guys use black women for sexual experiments.

    • i don't think that is honestly going to help anyone to stereotype like that. I personally find black women stunning and tend to be most into them myself but would hate to feel like I need to justify... that I don't just only want to f*** them.

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    • I'm sure a variety of guys are like that, unfortunately. Thanks for your answer, you answered exactly what I was asking :)

    • I agree with EmpressMe.

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