Question for white women (and black women and ... everyone)?

What do you think when you see an interracial couple where the woman is black and the male white?

I'm asking because when I saw it, in my past, I would just wonder "hmm, I wonder what he's like and what she's like." Nothing negative, it just made me think more than I would for a intraracial couple.

Being in one, myself, feels so normal and natural, but recently after two years, for some ODD reason, I notice more stares from while girls. I guess we stand out a little more... Don't know...

Haha, I wanna know what everyone thinks actually. Not that it will affect me in any way. I just wanna see if others had similar or differentl thoughts than I did.


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  • I don't care. I know a lot of mixed couples (other cultures as well) and there is nothing awkward to me. I mean when there is a lot of differnces in religional, cultural traditional background it sometimes doesn't work out, but that has never something to do with skin color.

    Actually I totally agree mith Michaelmwm19! Good statement!

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      Cool :)