Valentine's day for the thoughtful, single guy.

So, although I am single, I like Valentine's day. I get all these good ideas of things I'd like to get for a girlfriend should I have one. I don't let it discourage me too much, I like to think of ways to make people happy, Valentine's day is kind of my "what if" holiday. I realize I have all these great ideals I even think if exs whom I am on good terms with. I know its inappropriate to get them gifts but still its nice to think about it.

I have all these ideas and I just don't have anything to do with them. I feel like I need to channel this energy somewhere. Despite my positive outlook it can still be depressing.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Try a Valentine's Advisory blog! LOADS of guys start to flounder over what to do/say for Valentine's Day.

    Having said this, it's better to be single on Valentine's Day than to be in a fake relationship on that day and slowly watch the whole thing wilt along with the pretty flowers you got her and disintegrate as soon as the candies are gone...