Valentine's day for the thoughtful, single guy.

So, although I am single, I like Valentine's day. I get all these good ideas of things I'd like to get for a girlfriend should I have one. I don't let it discourage me too much, I like to think of ways to make people happy, Valentine's day is kind of my "what if" holiday. I realize I have all these great ideals I even think if exs whom I am on good terms with. I know its inappropriate to get them gifts but still its nice to think about it.

I have all these ideas and I just don't have anything to do with them. I feel like I need to channel this energy somewhere. Despite my positive outlook it can still be depressing.


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  • Try a Valentine's Advisory blog! LOADS of guys start to flounder over what to do/say for Valentine's Day.

    Having said this, it's better to be single on Valentine's Day than to be in a fake relationship on that day and slowly watch the whole thing wilt along with the pretty flowers you got her and disintegrate as soon as the candies are gone...


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  • All those special ideas are only for the special one, when she will come in your life, she'll realize how beautifully can you color her life with your colors. Hope you understood it :P

    Soo many feelings stuck inside, and you need to get it out. . if you have a crush on someone, try those ideas, or maybe with one of your ex's, give it a second try buddy :)

    And who know's, maybe u'll get lucky on Valentine's day. Never loose hope! Show this world, what you can do :) Best of Luck

  • You could make cute cards and stuff and bring them to a nursing home and ask the staff to give them to people who maybe don't get a lot of visitors. That would probably brighten their day and make you feel good about doing some acts of kindness :)

  • when I was single around Valentine's day, I looked forward to half price chocolates and perfume the next day.

    it seemed I was always single around that holiday or if I wasn't, I was dating a jerk. one guy I dated, didn't bother to get me even a card, so obviously he didn't last.

    I think you shouldn't take it as a depressing holiday, it's just a day, in my opinion it's greatly commercialized.

    so enjoy life. work on what you can for yourself and be positive. have a great day :D

  • My goal this year is to make v-day my "f***-it-I-only-live-once" holiday. Be a pimp about it. Use some of your ideas on some cute girl, use it to flirt, whatever. I'm single, I have some ideas, and I'm using it on someone I have zero chance with. F***it, I only live once :)

  • You can tell a friend about your ideas and help him? Or you can put yourself out there and see if you can meet someone on Valentines day. That would be a cute story down the road lol.

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  • You're a girl, aren't you?

  • I hate how people only use this one day to show love..

  • are you asking something?