Hi Ladies, what do you want to receive this Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching but until now I still have no idea what gift I'll be giving to my lovely girlfriend. any ideas? thank you ladies ;-)


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  • I really like personal things.. like I'm not huge into flowers and jewelry. theyre nice and all, but I don't have really any sort of emotional attachment to those things and I'd rather get something that means something to me. it depends on the type of girl she is though, but of course flowers and chocolate are staple Valentine's Day things. So if he gets me something that's like an inside joke between us and something sweet at the same time, I'd be happy


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  • Honestly, I'm not into Valentine's Day. Me and my boyfriend just hang out. We may go out for dinner, but it's such a commercialized holiday--as if it's the only day you can show appreciation for your loved one and that's it. People make such a big deal about it. Flowers and chocolate are the stereotypical gifts to give, as well as a Bear. Take her someplace she would least expect. Has she ever mentioned wanting to really do something, but never planned it?

    • she never mentioned anything. this coming Valentine's day is our first Valentine's day together. taking her to some place sounds nice and fun. thank you.

    • No problem! Material things are temporary, but Memories last a lifetime :]

    • i fully agree :-)

  • I personally love being surprised by him, best feeling ever. We've been together ever since I was 19, my taste changed a lot. I don't really like materialistic stuff on Valentine's but I guess nothing is better then feeding him a box of chocolates *lol* we're long distance, won't be able to spend Valentine's day with him sadly but hoping to make it feel it's Valentine's day everyday.

  • you know her more than us *lol* a heart shaped box of chocolates, a romantic dinner and maybe a heart shaped locket with your picture in it. A romantic movie night out too if you guys want.

    • i'm thinking of a romantic movie night out too. thank you.

  • I think if you give her something you put thought into, it will def be more memorable(: Maybe if you made her dinner or made reservations at a restaurant you had your first date or something. Gift-wise? I guess that depends how long you guys have been dating. Maybe a cute bracelet or lingerie(;

  • hmm flowers, chocolates and a cute teddy bear to hug perhaps?! ^-^ that is of course if you haven't gave her that before... it's so generic but I think if for instance it's your first Valentine's day together that should work! :)

    • thank you. you're username is a filipino word?

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    • yep cause I'm filipino :)

    • and fellow atenean too ;)

  • Personalized gifts are always a good idea. You could get her a nice frame with a pic of the two of you.

    • that's a very nice idea. thank you.

  • Chocolates ...haha that's all:)

    • just chocolates? really? haha. you're boyfriend must be lucky to have you then. ;-)

    • Haha he gets me flowers even thought I only want chocolate:)

  • get her flowers! I wish mine would get me some. Besides that just hang out with her, watching movies or something. Maybe chocolates or candies if she has a favorite or something sweet and personal. A love note or something?

  • you're hot! ;)

    • thank you. I'm flattered ;-)

  • I know a teddy bear is a bit cliche, but I absolutely am in love with soft toys, so if my boyfriend got one for me I would love it and still consider it something from the heart because he knows I love them.

    • aside from taking her to a romantic place, I'll buy her a teddy bear. thank you.

  • Something from th heart

    You know her, you know what she's interested in and what she loves


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  • a kite

  • Wow dude you are an Asian hunk. You're one handsome man. I bet you're really popular with the ladies.

    • thanks man. that's not what my username supposed to be initially. this site rejected it. I have to think of another one.