What to get a guy for Valentine's day?

This guy and I have been involved with other for a while. He put a lot of thought into my Valentine's day gift. He got me my favorite chocolates. I also told him a year or two what my favorite chocolates were. He remembered after all this time. He also has one more surprise for me. He says that I don't have to get him anything but with all the thought he's done for me. I want to get him something. His favorite candy is Reese's and I plan on getting him that but I don't know what else.

it's long distance.


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  • interesting responses so far, I feel fortunate to be in the company of these representatives of my gender...

    my philosophy about gift giving is simple: if you want the gift to be remembered and appreciated, make it something that relates to something that you know about them, preferably something that you two share. don't get something because it looks cool, or costs a lot of money. if you both like music, you can get a cd of a band you both like, with a favorite song that reminds you of a special time you spent together. it can be anything at all. just think of something you know about him, and think of something that you can show him that represents that idea to you, and to him. it will go a long way...