How many of us had a date for Valentine's this year?

Poll question!

I am trying to focus on how many people actually chose a valentine, being a new person they had not gone out with before, for a date.

It seems that Valentine's day has lost its appeal for new people to get together. Any comments on this?

  • Vote A Went out with my bf/gf
  • Vote B Went out with a new person as a valentine
  • Vote C Single or in a relationship and didn't go out
  • Vote D Anti Valentine's celebration of some kind
  • Vote E Wait, was it just Valentine's day?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I got together with a bunch of single friends and we had a party. It was awesome. :)

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      Shouldn't we have a "Single day" :D ?we should make a day for couples and a day for singles!