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How many of us had a date for Valentine's this year?

Poll question! I am trying to focus on how many people actually chose a valentine, being a new person they had not gone out with before, for a... Show More

This question has a poll!

  • Vote A Went out with my bf/gf
  • Vote B Went out with a new person as a valentine
  • Vote C Single or in a relationship and didn't go out
  • Vote D Anti Valentine's celebration of some kind
  • Vote E Wait, was it just Valentine's day?

Most Helpful Opinion

  • I got together with a bunch of single friends and we had a party. It was awesome. :)

    • Shouldn't we have a "Single day" :D ?we should make a day for couples and a day for singles!

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What Girls Said 17

  • I watched 3rd Rock from the Sun with three loving dogs :-) I voted C.

  • Just became single and conetnd with out a valentine. Went to dinner with a friend :-)

    • was it a new guy friend? The specifics are kind of important here.

    • No, a good childhood friend :-)

  • went out with my special guy

  • Don't remind me :( I'm still not over the person I was seeing last month. I did get asked out though, but it would have been awful. I stayed at home and ordered Chinese food.

  • Single with no valentine. But I spent the day watching movie and baking.

  • Does my dog count? I never get asked out. LOL.

  • I was together with my Boyfriend :) He bought me three roses, a red, an orange and a white one, so sweet! :)(been together for 11 months)

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  • Spent the day working and hanged out with friends in the evening...

  • Valentine's is too commercialized for me. Me and the boyfriend will hang out when were both free next. Neither of us really likes all the fancy romantic stuff anyway. We're both perfectly happy being down to earth.

  • My impression is that Valentine's is for established couples, or to become a couple. I would never go on a casual date with a new guy on Valentine's because I think there'd be a weird kind of pressure to act closer to him than I feel. Homie don't play that.

    • I think due to the over commercialization of Valentine's day, this is now the case. A person used to be able to ask someone to be their valentine. And it was a casual way to go on a date with a person you were crushing on for a while.Now...yeah, I imagine a person doesn't want to go out with a new person because the "holiday'" is more geared towards being very romantic.

  • I had champagne, strawberry, and watched the Die Hard movie with my single girl, does that counts since I am straight? Oh well, I had a good time anyways. :)

    • sounds like a perfect night to me.

  • Not me.

  • Im in a relationship but I had to work that day

  • not me,yay for being lonely :P saw friends instead :)

  • nope, but that's a good idea, being that its mating season..

  • Went out and had a wonderful dinner with my bf.

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