Like a girl who has a bf

how do I deal with this? this girl is amazing, her personality, looks, everything. we have so much fun when we are together, but she has a boy friend... they are currently in a long distance relationship and only see each other once in a blue moon. but I don't wanna brake that up... I'm just clueless on what to do... I really like her but couldn't stand to be the reason they break up or try to go after her

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  • Let it ride. Be her friend! Most relationships start out better with a close friendship anyways. I hear a lot of people being sad to be stuck in the "friend zone" but I'd rather have a ton of awesome friends that are there for me... than to be utterly alone because I've been a relationship wrecker. I'm a strong believer in "meant to be", if it is, it will be. :) Hang in there, you are not alone in feeling this way about someone, I promise!

    • word, I'm all about being a great friend, it just seems like all I wanna do is be around this person.. and I don't wanna send any false signals or give anyone around her any ideas to "report back" or start anything:/

      catch my drift?

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    • patience is a virtue I guess. give it time to prove I'm not here it rob him of his girl but to be a friend. patience... ugh. haha

    • The hardest part of any relationship sometimes :) I feel ya on that my dear.