Like a girl who has a bf

how do I deal with this? this girl is amazing, her personality, looks, everything. we have so much fun when we are together, but she has a boy friend... they are currently in a long distance relationship and only see each other once in a blue moon. but I don't wanna brake that up... I'm just clueless on what to do... I really like her but couldn't stand to be the reason they break up or try to go after her


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  • Let it ride. Be her friend! Most relationships start out better with a close friendship anyways. I hear a lot of people being sad to be stuck in the "friend zone" but I'd rather have a ton of awesome friends that are there for me... than to be utterly alone because I've been a relationship wrecker. I'm a strong believer in "meant to be", if it is, it will be. :) Hang in there, you are not alone in feeling this way about someone, I promise!

    • word, I'm all about being a great friend, it just seems like all I wanna do is be around this person.. and I don't wanna send any false signals or give anyone around her any ideas to "report back" or start anything:/

      catch my drift?

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    • patience is a virtue I guess. give it time to prove I'm not here it rob him of his girl but to be a friend. patience... ugh. haha

    • The hardest part of any relationship sometimes :) I feel ya on that my dear.

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  • Stay friends with her, she's with her boyfriend because she loves him. When feelings fade from her side and she decides to break up, just let it happen. Don't rush or push her or anything. Just stay good friends and what comes, comes. If she develops feelings for you, it's up to her to make a decision and choose.

  • Just be friends with her. Support her. Do what you would for a friend. There's no reason you can't be friends. Don't hurt her by encouraging her to break up with him (you don't want to put her through that). If the relationship dies a natural death, you can give it a try, but until then, enjoy her as a person and a friend.

  • Be there for her and when the time is right, let it naturally happen. Mostly works and in crazy ways


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  • Just continue being friends with her. She's committed in a relationship, and you don't want to break that up.

  • don't be a home wrecker, not cool plus Karma has a sense of humor.

    Are you sure that you like her, or is it the Idea of thinking you like her?

    • i know, I couldn't do that, and if I did id feel so bad to brake them up. but that is pretty insightful, never really thought of it like that...