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She's scared to meet, what should I do?

So we'd been flirting and getting to know each other, she suggested I should take her out before next Valentine's day. However, she had been seeming... Show More

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  • "if it's because you like someone else then do that, at least you'll be happier. I'm alright meeting up but if you aren't then I can't force it.. You seem to have your mind made up"

    That is one big guilt trip. It's you assuming the victim portion of the story, and now she is pressured to either let you go and be the victim, or to come meet you and convince you she likes you. Either way, the point is, she's pressured. Personally, I rebel against pressure.

    "I wouldn't risk my future like that for the sake of a girl"

    What the heck?

    Offer to her to meet in a public place where she feels comfortable, for just a cup of coffee and she can leave quickly. Then back off a bit. If she says no, don't keep offering to meet if you keep talking to her. She needs to get comfortable with you. She needs to know you are interested in HER and her mind, not that your only desire is to meet her.

    • I would if I could but she told me it felt weird texting/calling someone she hasn't met, so my only option would be to meet her. If she's too scared to do that, I'm going around in circles.

      And yeah, I say some stupid things if a situation heats up.

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    • It's up to you, hon. Handle it the way you usually would. I would let her text me next, or wait a few days, but that's me.

    • I'm thinking of letting her text me next as I texted last. I don't want to play mind games, but after what's been said, etc, I want to see if she's interested enough to initiate it with me. I feel like I should back off and not act as interested as I have been.

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  • Why don't you suggest that she brings her "Best friend" along, to meet you? AT A PUBLIC PLACE.

    You wouldn't be able to kidnap her then would you?

    • she sent me a text a couple of hours after saying "And I do want to see ya but want to make my friend happy and prove it's legit first". I replied with "I'd only consider meeting you if it was a public place and you brought a mate along". If she makes excuses for that, the whole best friend thing was a lie and I lose respect for her and move on!

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    • wtf...

      I don't get her at all... What the hell does she want?

    • No idea but this is more updated link

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  • It doesn't mean that if she doesn't reply that she's not already interested in you.

    Perhaps, there was an emergency and she have to go, or she fell asleep.

    Text her again, and find time to ask her out to a date.

    • Yeah but she seems put off in meeting up after her best friend said that I might "kidnap her and lock her up in a basement". I don't want to send another text and act needy/desperate

  • yeah, I'd move on...

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