Boyfriend putting me down so much?

My boyfriend always tells me the bad things about me and he never says anything good. We've been going out for a year and he never used to be like this and now he's changed, he's really mean and says hurtful stuff. Yesterday I went over his house and I wasn't feeling good and he was doing stuff to make me feel uncomfortable so I started crying and he got p*ssed. He said that I cry for stupid reason's and I like crying and that I'm no fun because I get upset to much. Then he started saying stuff he hates about me so I'm like whatever I'm leaving so I grabbed my stuff and walked upstairs. His moms like "awww are you guys fighting again?" and I'm like "yeah, I just wanna go before he says anything else" and she asked what happened and I told her. She started screaming at him to get upstairs and she told him to give me a hug and apologize and he wouldn't he just stood there saying everything's my fault and a lot of other stuff. So I started walking and he wouldn't even come after me, I was locked out of my house so I had to just walk around outside, alone, at night when it was freezing out and he didn't care. I texted him and told him I didn't have any where to go and he's like "that sucks you shouldn't have left, your making yourselg look stupid" then his mom had me come in and sh made me something to eat and he just ignored me the whole time. we eventually worked things out but I don't want to have to keep going through this. What can I say to get him to change back to how he used to be? Would there have been a better way I could've handled the situation? by the way he said that he thinks he's changed because we've been going out for a year and haven't had sex yet. I told him I'm still young and the way he treats me I don't know if I'm ready. The main reason is because I was raped when I was 11 and I'm scared to. Some one please help me and tell me how I can deal with this? I love him and I don't wanna end it, I want to fix it. thanks


Most Helpful Girl

  • u can stick with him but try to b the mature one to block the problems between you guys,Hes being a complete jerk and don't walk away cause then he is going 2 think that your soft and he can do watever he wants with u,hes verbally abusin you and don't wait 4 long untill it becomes physical abuse,Be the tough one and make him realise that you can live without him and that you not going to take anymore of his crap,Once he looses you then he will realize how much he needs u