Do you believe in fate, or is it all just a series of random coincidences?

Like if you are "in love" with someone... could you not of chosen a different path in life and be in love with one of thousands of other people?


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  • I don't believe in fate. I think we find meaning where we want to, we see signs where we want to. To me fate is just where you end up, it's not something planned by a higher power, it's just a series of actions which lead to an outcome, you could've easily ended up somewhere else. Love can happen with many people. There isn't just one person for everyone. You see cases where people find love more than once in their lives, some never find love. So I don't believe in fate, life is what you make it.


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  • I'm afraid there is no answer to this question.

    You choose what you want to believe.

    Maybe there is no fate or destiny.

    Maybe we're all particles set in motion, our momentum carrying us across time into other particles we have no choice but clash with.


    I guess we'll never know.

  • I think fate exists. Because I believe, that by thinking life is just a series of random coincidences, you're saying your life could be a "what if" scenario. I believe that all things in your life are meant to happen, and whether or not something turns out the way you want it to is just how fate takes its toll on your life.

  • Well, things happen for the reason! We just have to wait and see. But in observing, never forget to act afterwards.

    I have a friend of mine, back in hs. She was with her old boyfriend and she accidentally bumped into a guy which she didn't like very much because the guy kind of stepped on her foot accidentally? It was during some school fair, I think.

    After many years, she broke up with her boyfriend and went to college. She has a new boyfriend now and they had a conversation...

    "Hey I watched a play in your school before"

    "Yeah? Cool. Didn't know you went to my hs before"

    "It was memorable cause I bumped into a girl and I think I hurt her accidentally"

    My friend was like..."what? Was she wearing a pink jacket then? Do you remember?"

    Him, "yeaaaahhhh how did you know?"

    And yeah it turns out they were the ones who bumped into each other.

  • I think the word "fate" is useless, because those who believe in it can never seem to prove it. Whether it's destiny or not doesn't really matter, because it did happen. For what reason, doesn't really matter. I believe in cause and effect. Some might say it's the same as destiny or fate, but I don't believe it is. Destiny somehow suggests that we can predict minuscule things like this, but we can't. Cause and effect is what we observe around our world right now. Everything we do is triggered by prior events and the laws of nature. No magic, voodoo or hokus pokus there.

  • I would like to think it is fate. My brother tried to explain concepts to me. Fate is a choice of belief. Destiny is something you can't control. We are destined to die. So in between, it is what you make of fate/choices.

  • I'd like to think its a mix of fate and coincidences because I don't want to live my life thinking it's already planned out.

    Hopefully we have choices that we decide on the spot and maybe some things are destined?

  • No, I don't believe in fate. I think life is what we make it, it's not already made for us.

  • I think its a mix. For example its fate the plane happened to be delayed enough that you weren't late and its fate where you end up sitting. But its a coincidence that your ex boyfriend happened to be sitting next to you. Andits destiny you were bound to get married. Fate is something that lleads to your final destiny. Coincidences are something that just happens I like if you and your friend up wearing the same shirt. I don't know if this made sense lol


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  • yeah I believe in fate ... I can't convince myself that this beautiful mother I have for example I got it only by chance... no.. she is my fate and I'm hers and so on in every single thing in my life

  • I most definitely believe in fate, and think that everyone does have their perfect match.

  • Im more of he coincidence type.