The most unnattractive thing in the world...

is neediness. if you feel a shift in the relationship (especially after the honeymoon stage) whatever you do, DO NOT act needy!

FOr guys doing this to a girl, it is a big turn off and a woman that was your girl will not be your girl. Stay confident and casual. Be aloof but yet be caring and loving naturally. Even in the beginning, try to take it slow. Even though the natural dopamine love drug high makes you want to tell her your constant love and chronic affection. Portion the emotions out. Spread it out like butter on toast. Enjoy that bliss moment. don't fear what's to come either. Fearing what you think might have bad happen will probably happen

Dont be needy. it bothers people! Almost anybody! Am I right guys? don't be the obligation. Be the attraction

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  • Good thing I don't have this problem.


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  • Well said! Neediness and uncalled for jealousy is what ended most of my relationships!

  • I think selfishness is.

    • Yeah, but don't you think being all desperate and not giving each other space selfish? Or not trusting one another?

      If you can't trust each other, why be in a relationship with each other?

    • I think selfishness envelopes neediness so yeah I think it's the worst trait.

  • I don't mind a bit of neediness. I'd rather he was a touch needy that very distant and off with me - at least I'd feel loved.


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  • You are only right for some people. Some people want an insanely needy relationship and to be attached at the hip. Needy people can get along with other needy people just fine.

  • The most unattractive thing is being boring.

    I agree being needy, desperate and clingy is bad. I agree that being insecure, jealous or even having some anger issues is wrong too. But SOME of the above qualities to some extent is forgivable in some circumstances.

    If a person is fun to be around, it's easier to forgive their flaws.

    But if a person is boring, there is NOTHING they can do to save themselves.

    • Except go out and not be boring.

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    • Harveykinkle, I agree with you. Being needy is bad and no self-respecting guy should put a woman on a golden pedestal above him.

      Both boring and needy are very undesirable traits. If a date is the Jim Lehrer news hour rather than a fun interesting conversation with a lot of laughs, then she'll move on and forget about the guy. Same thing if he's needy as well I guess.

    • Well its easier to forgive a lot of times if the person is aware of it and do what they can to work on it. But if they don't try then eventually things will fall apart or just have a life of misery.

  • You're right. You must be really good with girls.

    • Im actually really horrible with women. This last girl that I lost 5 months ago just left a toll on me and really hot me thinking. So since then I have been researching and studying the psychology of human behavior, how women think and just relationships in general. All the advice that say the same as the others I go by and it seems to work and make sense.