How can I satisfy my boyfriend emotionally? I want to do something special.

I have him satisfied physically for sure! But sometimes I feel him distance himself if he is down or having a not so good day. We've been through so much together but he is still here and I am thankful b.c I really like this guy and I hope I can fall in love and not just love him one day and I hope he will do the same. The way I see it as we haven't been together a year yet & if he hasn't left yet after what we have been through he is a good guy and actually cares he just "has his days" man period lol.

I want to do something nice for him to basically say thank you for not leaving me when times got EXTREMELY tough It means a lot but I don't know what! He likes video games call of duty, zombies, etc. He loves action movies like I do,FOOD lol. I just don't know what!