How to suppress the feeling of being in love?!?

How to suppress the feeling of being in love?!?

I NEED to not be in love, because the person I'm starting to fall in love with is just not the person I should love, because if we end up together something equally as important as love in my life will be destroyed! So...what I'm asking here is what should I be doing or not doing to stop thinking, feeling, dreaming about this boy?

We're involved in a very serious and important project for the both of us, so if we ever did get together it might ruin everything! And I do not wish to risk it!


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  • Don't listen to love songs, and work hard, play harder - with your friends - not with that dude.

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  • in this video the speaker talks about love and attraction, maybe this could be a startingpoint for further studies :D link

  • Attraction is not a choice.

    The only thing you can do is cut off all communication with this person and not have them in your daily life anymore.

    Delete their number, delete them from all your social networking sites (facebook etc) and avoid them in real life.

    These actions will all look very weird for the person in question though but it's the only thing you can do if you do not want to act on your emotions...

    After a few weeks of not seeing this person your emotions will look for someone else and you will kind of forget him (not completely though, just enough to not obsess over him).

    But why can't you act on your emotions?

    • Yes, but I can't do that... :(

      I've explained this a little bit more in the update.

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    • *I'd regret living alone***

    • Haha

      Yeah...this projects will last us ad least 2 more years to

  • I know EXACTLY what you mean! Only with a girl... :P

    I don't have a great answer because I'm still struggling, but you should draw a very strict line, and make sure neither you, or him crosses it.

    You shouldn't supress the feeling, but don't go past the line of friendship, if friendship is all you want with him.

    • But... I would LOVE to have something more with him, but I know I can't!

      And I need to suppress the feeling otherwise all I'll be able to think about is him and want only him and since I shouldn't have him than I'll just suffer unnecessarily...and...who needs that?

    • Most answers are hard because of the consequnces involved either way...

      that's where true love comes in,

      you need to weigh the consequences both ways, and decide which will not hurt less, but which will hurt others less.

      For Example: The girl that I'm interested (and unfortunately obsessed with), and myself can't officialy be more than friends. Mainly because we're accountibility partners, and any relationship above friend could destroy that. So, I'm still going to tell her that I like her...

  • I don't get this most people are happy to feel the sense of being in love...Do you know that this guy cheats or something?! I'm confused...

  • NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LOVE, sorry but caps lock was on purpose because there is nothing in this world to me that is more important than love, I would be happy if I didn't have a damned thing as long as I can hold the woman I love everyday and make her life better through my love.

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  • You mean like friendship is the other equally important thing?

    Like is it a friends guy or something?

    I kind of need a little more background so I can direct you in the best way I can.

    • Unless he's married, drug dealer, your friend's crush or your brother... I don't see why not?

      i agree, more info on why you don't want to fall for this guy.

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    • I totally agree, it does seem like something f'ed up is going on. Are you practicing abstinence or something? In a bible group/missionary project? You can't expect people not to ask when you're making it such a big deal that you won't even let yourself love this person...if you didn't want to divulge more info you shouldn't have bothered with the question.

    • The OP has the right to ask a simple question and receive a simple answer. She didn't ask for a moral treatise on love and romance, so respect the OP's question.

      See my answer, if you are in physics you are in luck. Look for the classmate most likely to become a super-villain, he (or she) is probably a mastermind type. Talk to him/her.

  • well. I don't know if you can make love go away. You can try and you can moderate what you let of your emotions show.

    You can stop daydreaming/thinking about him (find something else to think about - keep busy), you can stop flirting/stop allowing yourself to enjoy flirting, stop acting overly friendly, avoid unnessary extra time with the person.

    You can moderate/ keep your behavoir in check: aim for 'professional' behavior. You can act that you feel nothing outside of emotions normal to a working relationship.

    And you can hope that with time the act becomes reality.

  • i found real love is really give everything you own for it and you the risk and full support on it...things would never be perfect but a lost chance may never come again...i would say I let go of my fears and go for it..if you fail its fine accept that already so you won't get hurt...theres always projects but there's not a lot of love you can is love if you lose it you lost it forever...enjoy the feeling while it lasted and odnt be too hard on is everything,sadness happiness,failure success evrything sweety...

    for your question..the only solution to not feeling so deeply inlove is to face the fear of losing it...that way you can let go if you need to and be fine without like I said is unconditional..

    it is hard when you're on it,but fulfilling when you see results for your actions...ive been there and still dreaming about it up to this was soo good while it lasted..all I can remeber now is the good times I had with it..

  • Love is amazing, and to want to suppress it and to hide from it...well, that's just the worst things that you can do.

    If you find love, hold on to it as best as you can. NEVER let go of Love.

  • You need to listen to Waking Life by Schuyler Fisk!

    • Haha

      No, no...that's just what I'm trying to avoid! Avoid listening to any romantic music, or anything that even comes close to that description!

      I chose to listen strictly to death, melodic death and black metal momentarily! xD Hahaha

      It helps! :D

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    • Haha

      Yeah, I listened to the song...I know it from the movie... doesn't make it worse. It's a tried and true method for me! xD

      I know, I'm weird, but it really seems to work!

      Music affects me greatly, so...

    • I don't think you're weird. You're just going through life just like the rest of us!

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