Why do most guys say they don't want a relationship?

Like as if its a disease or something. I mean, are we girls that bad to be with? Cause I keep hearing from guys, "i don't want the drama." I mean, wow, like we are the only ones who bring drama. So why are guys like this but us girls want it more than them?

I guess that explains why only guys want us for sex only. Sad :(


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  • Straight up... I feel you... but just know that our thought process IS different.

    We take things from what we see alot, so we see girls get all emotional, and to us, that's not something we wish to just want to deal with.

    It really has to be the right female to make you not mind dealing with it.

    Some guys must have something to offset the emtional stress.

    Such as a pretty face, or a nice body.

    I'll tell you this, most guys will go for a chick that can match wits with them.

    Pound for Pound!

    The best girls in my opinion, are the ones that are mostly like guys.

    Less complaining, similar ideas and interest will get you just about any guy.

    So its not like a disease, but we need to be matched with a female that equals out the possible stress factor we think we will receive within a relationship.

    This is a inner-unrecognized characteristic, that I think most of all guys will agree with.

    & relationships don't work a lot times on our end because we don't feel that our stress is being canceled out by what she's offering.

    This may be a little hard to understand, but trust me its true!

    All we want is to be happy.

    Ask me anything... I'm more than willing to answer your questions.

    I hope this helps! & Good Luck on your research of this question.


    A Loving Black Man