Why men stay with women they don't love

1) Why do men stay with women they don't love? I know not all men do this, but to the ones who do. This could be if you're dating, living together or are married. Why stay wih someone if you don't love someone?

2) have you ever stayed with someone to fill in the good I someone else


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  • There are lots of reasons but it depends on the person.

    He could have low self esteem issues and feel as if he cannot win over any other girl except the one he's got. And therefore will do what ever he can to keep with her. I have felt this way off and on throughout my life.

    He could be in it because the sex is really good and he doesn't want to part from it and not get sex regularly.

    My brother is like that with his current girlfriend. They met when they were at the lowest points in their lives and that's how they were able to connect. They've been together for 10 years, but my brother is reluctant to marry her because a part of him is not happy with her at all.

    As for me, I stayed with a girl who agreed that we are better off as friends with benefits. And the reason I stayed with her was because the sex was good and the more I stayed with her the more it felt like a relationship. The sex got better and better. Yet she was a horrible person who was using me for free stuff. I stayed with her because I didn't know any better. I stayed with her because although she was ruining my life, she made me feel better about myself. When I finally cast her aside, my life improved tremendously.

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      May I ask your opinion on your second reason."He could be in it because the sex is really good" So why is he still with his girlfriend but cheating on her?

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      Because guys are pigs

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      I believe my brother stays with her because he doesn't think he could get another girl to love him. He and his girl are both very nerdy and socially awkward. This girl is the only girl he's ever kissed much less have sex with. I bet he's afraid to break up with her because he is afraid he would be single forever.