Why doesn't my boyfriend make plans with me?

invite me anywhere, involve me in his plans? I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 1/2 years. We constantly argue about the fact that he will make plans with his friends and family and not tell me about it or talk to me about. He will mention it at some point just in passing. He says, "well of... Show More

I really appreciate the feedback so far. I think we do need to break up mainly because he doesn't care about my wants and needs. It's just hard to leave someone you love and wanted to marry.. but I guess I'm living a fantasy and I need to move on.

Most Helpful Girl

  • If he really cared about you he would be making a effort to be with you. You are basically a second thought to him, not a first and after two years you SHOULD be first. This sounds like the way people act when they are just casually dating in the first few months not like a serious relationship that has been going on for years! Yes, you are wasting your time. He wants you there probably for the convience of sex and company when his friends are busy not because he likes to spend time with you (or else he would be spending time with you) or because he loves you (if he loved you he would make more effort to see you and want to see you). So, why are you wasting your time with someone so undeserving? At this point in a relationship it is sh*t or get off the pot. People at this point either break up and stop wasting their time or if they are meant to be together start to move in together, talk about plans for the future (marriage, children.) The latter isn't happening, he doesn't even care to make plans tomorrow with you let alone the future, so why waste your time? You DESERVE someone who wants to be with you and spend time with you, who doesn't break promises and who doesn't have a alcohol problem. You ARE NOT spoiled and needy for wanting to be a priority in the life of the person you have been with for over two years now. That is a very reasonable request. I am not saying that he should want to be up your butt and around the cornor 24/7, but he should make soild plans with you at least a couple times a week and holiday plans (such as New Year's) should be made together. This is signs someone respects you, loves you, and enjoys spending time with you. If he isn't showing you he feels this way, please drop him like the bad habit he is and move onto bigger and better things (like men deserving of a girl as understanding and patience as you!)