What does it mean when a guy asks a girl "is your sister hot" ?

so this guy I met recently was asking how many siblings I have and I said an older sister and younger brother, and he asked me "'is your sister hot?"

i don't know if that was his flirty/funny way of humor or was he implying something else?


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  • You don't mention the age of the guy, but if he's older than you it's evident why he said it and what he implied: you're too young to his taste. Don't worry, it's a temporary and self solving problem: you'll grow older :D

    • No were both in college same age...and he's called me a hottie before I just don't get why he was asking if my sister who he never met is hot...is he implying I have 'hot' genes that runs through the family? or is he being a jerk?


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  • Heck... I don't know. I occasionally ask that to my guy friends when I find out they have a sister just to jab 'em a little. You know. Tick em off. Tease them. I don't think I ever asked that to a girl I knew.

    • I'm checking back on some of my old answers. Doing a follow up.

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  • i think he's just poking a little fun.. don't think he means too much by it.

  • IDK he sounds like a douche lol who asks if their sibling is hot like that? I would take it that he's not into you