Why won't she tell me its over?

I been dating a girl for about 6 months, we have been talking for almost a year. Things were really good for those 6 months until.. I found her diary which for dumb reason I picked a page to read. On the page I read I saw she feel asleep in her baby fathers bed! That night I read it we still had sex, which was the worst sex we have had in our 6 months together. For the first time in my life I met a girl I don't want to lie to.. So on the drive home I called her and told her what I read. She called me a pig for still trying to sleep with her after reading what I read, telling me it looks bad but its not what it looks like. We didn't talk for a couple of days. The day before I left for vacation I went to her house she kissed me and told she loved me. While on vacation we texted, she told me she loved me, wished me a happy Fathers Day, sent me some really skimpy photos. Being back from vacation now for a week, we haven't really talked .I did ask her out for a weekend date yesterday and with out hesitation she said yes. But for the last week and half its been 99% the cold shoulder! I told her maybe we need time away from each other, she says no. We need a break I tell her she says no, what about we just stop talking she says she doesn't want that! It feels like its over to me. The why she is acting it feels like its over. Why won't she just kill the relationship. I need your help ladies I need some female insight!


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  • Well Sounds Like To Me She Knows She Has A Good Man & She Don't Want To Loose That. & To Answer Your Thoughts Something Had To Happen Between Her&The Baby father because if it didn't she wouldn't of got mad at you & called you out your name. She was feeling guilty & that's what guilty people do turn it around,but I can be wrong. But she's also taking you for granted & probably because she know y'all relationship been good so far& your a nice guy . But I hope that helped (:

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      Thanks for your reply.I have texted her 3 times in the past 2 weeks she hasn't replied. What's up with that? She needs to women up and tell me its over if its over!

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      Wow! I will take that as its over! My advice to youu is do you & get yourself together. Watch how fast she come running back & don't let her back in your life so easily either because she will do it again trust me. Remember "You Never Know What's Good Until Its Gone"Goodluck