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Why won't she tell me its over?

I been dating a girl for about 6 months, we have been talking for almost a year. Things were really good for those 6 months until.. I found her diary... Show More

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  • Well Sounds Like To Me She Knows She Has A Good Man & She Don't Want To Loose That. & To Answer Your Thoughts Something Had To Happen Between Her&The Baby father because if it didn't she wouldn't of got mad at you & called you out your name. She was feeling guilty & that's what guilty people do turn it around,but I can be wrong. But she's also taking you for granted & probably because she know y'all relationship been good so far& your a nice guy . But I hope that helped (:

    • Thanks for your reply.I have texted her 3 times in the past 2 weeks she hasn't replied. What's up with that? She needs to women up and tell me its over if its over!

    • Wow! I will take that as its over! My advice to youu is do you & get yourself together. Watch how fast she come running back & don't let her back in your life so easily either because she will do it again trust me. Remember "You Never Know What's Good Until Its Gone"Goodluck

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  • I think you need to sit down and have a heart to heart with her. Let her know how you feel and vice versa.

  • you are the one to blame

    • Im the one to blame for reading her diary? Or what else did I do wrong? I need your opion your a female.

    • i think you must have done something to make her feel that way, and yes you should have not read her diary

    • Feel what way? Look I get the whole baby daddy thing, why didn't she just tell me straight up? We were best friends for a year before I made the stupid mistake of sleeping with her. I thought we had something, but I was wrong. As a female if she wanted space or time or a break up wouldn't she just say that to me?

  • I think you are the one killing it.

    • Can you explain that from a female point of view please?

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  • Um, to be fair bro, it sounds like you want to kill the relationship. You're connecting unrelated things ( her talking less and you reading her diary ) as a means of justification. Have you just told her that you want to talk to her more?

    • I have tried to talk to her, she says she can her "the hate I have for her in my voice". I don't hate her, I love her. I need her to talk to me and tell me how she feels about us. Why can't she do that.

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    • You make a lot of sense man thanks for the input. How would you handle this situation? I think I'm going to tell her I love her and when she is ready to talk I will be ready to listen..

    • That's the gist. You're opening the door and making her feel welcome. The best way to be a host is to show that interest in a person. Even something as simple as asking how someone is once or twice a day and wishing them a good day and good sleep is important. It doesn't have to be a lot at one time; consistency is a far better method of showing you love someone. So just small simple things. Those are what build real bridges and will keep you relationship alive.

  • I was glad when I finished reading this.Whew! What a mess! First you need to stop all the BS talk. Telling her you all should stop talking for a while...or take a break...whats the point? Very childish. You're too old to be behaving this way. Bottomline... you need to tell her its never going to work out...theres not going to be a happy ever after, and you're ending it. Just wasting time and energy with this one.

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