I don't like my boyfriend's mother, how would this make you feel?

I don't like my boyfriends mother, I have never argued with her and respect her for the sake of my boyfriend, I feel she doesn't like me also. How would this make you feel if it was your mother I didn't get along with and you loved me and have been with me for 2 years?


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  • I've dated a few women who were not mom-approved, and for the most part it put at least a little strain on both of the relationships. In the end, the relationships were allowed to run their course and it was just something that I dealt with as being part of the relationship. Neither of the women involved were anything short of respectful of each other and me, so it was mostly a non-issue.

    The best thing that I can tell you is that loving someone means that you take the whole package and make the best of it, as long as this doesn't interfere with the relationship, then I wouldn't worry too much.


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  • Mm I'm like in the same boat, but that is really because she doesn't expect me to last. Even though we have only been going out for like 7 nearly 8 months. Appearently my boyfriend use to go through girls like a 7 year old through halloween candy. I'm just hoping she will have some respect for me eventually, even if it means I have to wait a couple of years. I'm not planning on going anywhere and I think eventually she will understand that.

    But in your case I don't really know why she doesn't particularly like you. Maybe if you plan on being with your boyfriend for an extended period you could try to make friends with her. Get to know her interests, talk to her that is pretty much what I'm forcing myself to do.