Why does me call me 'his love' if he has a girlfriend?

My friend keeps calling me his love even though he just got himself a girlfriend! Why does he do this? It's not like a pet name for me...it's just... Show More

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  • he knows how to push your buttons... and is very attracted to you but doesn't want to risk actually saying with meaning backed up with actions.. so it's much easier and safer to act the way he does and it gets you all riled up too. change the way you react and he will not have this power over you.

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    • Like what for instance....?

      I can only be as I am...friendly, flirty (I just AM), and nice. Or..I can ignore him completely and perhaps be even a bit harsh sometimes, which just isn't me!

      What do I do then?

    • You already now know what he means by his actions: he is attracted to you, immature and unable to directly share with you how he feels about you with respect. so, you play cat and mouse and you attract that. If you wanted to be serious with what you want you'd say and act more directly . Just figure out what YOU want and go for it.