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I love having a girl sit in my lap, do girls like this?

idky I do its like my favorite thing to have my girlfriend sitting on my lap. idt she likes it as much as I do. is this just a personal thing or do... Show More

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  • yes I do but only to a guy I like, like you and your girlfriend

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  • It is alright

  • Whenever I sit on a guy's lap, I feel like I'm going to crush him to death so I definitely don't enjoy it. I don't know how guys can stand a 120 pound weight being on their thighs. How are they not calling for an ambulance?

    • Your not like a weight lol! Your weight is distributed over like 5 feet so it dosnt quite work like that. Plus girls are cute so can't feel the pain :D.

  • Its not just a guy thing. I love that.

  • i love it. people are comfier than couches :)

  • I love my full body hugs. Sitting on his lap straddling him. Legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his shoulders and head rest on his shoulder. Better than coffee first thing in the morning. But just normally sitting on his lap doesn't make me feel as close. Also neither would be comfortable in public.

  • I love it too. Just that I'm 5'7 and around 50kg, and my boyfriend almost the same size as mine so I just afraid I'm too heavy for him.

    • Girl, your 50kg. You are NOT too heavy for him, he'll barely feel a thing :)

  • with my boyfriend yes

  • I love it, the only problem is that I am always afraid that I am hurting the poor guy;) especially with skinny guys, I will always place my feet on the groud just to ease the pressure...

  • I love it although I can get nervous and act weird because of the sexual tension I feel at that moment.

    • i love sexual tension its what makes it fun :D

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    • lose your heads? hmm I may have to ask a question about sexual tension :D

    • It would be hard to explain but go on if you want to :P

  • I love doing that with my boyfriend. Specially as he has his hands on my thighs

  • I like it

  • I love it by I way much more than my boyfriend and he can't hold me for more than 5 mins.

  • I LOVE sitting in guys laps, especially facing them straddling them. It makes me feel dominant and in control of everything. I also find this very intimate.

  • I love sitting on my boyfriends lap. Personally I find it sexy when he picks me up and sits me on his lap.

  • I like sitting on a guy's ( that I know) lap

  • Yes I like it =)

  • I personally like it. It's cute :)

  • I like sitting on his lap and cuddling.

  • I love that feeling too, but I don't do it because I would probably crush him. lol so I just rest my head on his lap or my legs.

  • Yea love it

  • I like hanging on guys like a koala bear lol even we cuddle it for them to lay on top of me I'm weird lol

  • I would love that, not sure if other girls like that. now wondering do you prefer if the girl show up and sit on your laps, or you would wanna put her on your lap yourself? need to know for myself :)

    • honestly both are equally as awesome

    • :)

  • yes I do.

  • I would love to if I wasn't fat lol. I'll straddle my boyfriend and grind on him, do guys like that?

  • Its whatever really.

  • i like it when I am attracted to the guy

  • Yep. Id love it if he puts me on his lap.

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