When a girl says they aren't ready for a relationship...

If a girl is single but says they aren't ready for a relationship is it worth sticking around and waiting until they are ready for a relationship? or is it better to move on.

* a girl I like for years and finally started going out frequently with told me that when I asked her on an official date.

  • Vote A I would stick around until they are ready
  • Vote B I wouldn't stick around
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  • I would tred lightly, while she could have been rejecting you, she could also honestly truly feel this way. Out of all the guys I have ever known, I have turned down the guy I was the most crazy about, the only guy I could see myself marrying, for that exact reason! Part of me feels that it was the biggest mistake of my life. However, another part of me goes look what you are doing, look what you have done, if it where really meant to be then he will be there when you are ready and will like you more for what you have done with your life. So far, I am still not ready. Deep down, I don't think he is either.

    Think about what SHE said. What do YOU think she was really saying? What do her dreams look like? What do your dreams look like? Do they line up now? Will they ever? No matter your answer to these questions, go and live your life now! If it is meant to be it will happen and she will love you more for what you have done with your life and you have allowed her to do. Don't think of this as a rejection, think of it as an opportunity to be you, before you become and us.