What do guys feel like when they're in love?

Do guys feel the same way girls do when they are in love? Do they get butterflies when they see this person? do they wait for her to come online? do they wait all day for a text back?


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  • - I doubt it. I don't know how a girl feels, I only know how I feel. But I do know the actions and expression girls and guys do are usually different. So I'd assume the chemical/biological feeling is different too.

    - past the infatuation stage, doubtful. But it just depends on the guy and girl. Some girls I've loved gave me butterflies, some never did (and yes, I loved them).

    - I guess I'd only wait if I was expecting her to come online? I mean...no, I wouldn't wait for her to come online. To chat? No. ...

    - well, it depends on the stage we're at, what time of day, and what I'm texting... If I'm still courting, then yeah I'd be eager to hear back, but I'd understand if she takes a while - it's party of the "game" sometimes. If we're past all that crap, then I probably wouldn't care how long she takes, I know she's probably busy with work or friends or family, as long as she replies before she goes to bed (if I texted during the day).

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      What if you had that same feeling but something came up in your life that may take away quality time with her. Which can be frustrating. How would you keep it going or make time for her? Would you stop communicating or hope that she stays and support you?

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      That was all about a year ago, and to this day I make a bigger effort to show I care for her and her kids, even if I know we won't get back together. I come over and play with her kids (2 young daughters) so she could relax a bit, I take them out to dinner/lunch, even buy her girls toys/games to ease some of the burden on her.

      I suppose maybe I am making up for lost time or my shortsightedness. But again, I don't think we'll ever get together. I do it out of genuine love for her and her kids

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      As for the last part of your question, I don't expect anything from her in return in all honesty. I don't expect her to just be single for me indefinitely. She tried dating one guy and it didn't work. She told me she'll only be with a guy who can commit to her and her kids 100%, and I'm just not there yet. I'd love for her to find a great guy who can fulfill her needs. But I'd also like to do a screening of him first! I must approve him! I only want the best for her and her kids.