How can I make my boyfriend fall head over heels

we've been together for 2 years now, and been through almost everything together. The beginning of our relationship was perfect until almost a year into it. He quit being sweet, quit saying the cute little things that would make me smile like "I know your probably sleeping but I can't fall asleep cause I can't stop thinking of you :("and other things. we just argue 24/7 now, even when I try to be the best girlfriend I can be things are still bad. I'm afraid this may be because he's losing feelings or falling out of love with me. please help. what can I do to make him fall in love with me all over again and fall head over heels?


Most Helpful Guy

  • when around him, do something nonchalantly that he would find really appealing.

    if he's into things like Video Games and Anime, one day just sit down and watch some Pokemon when he's like, 5 minutes away from home and on the way back, or put on a game (no Facebook games)

    walk around in yoga pants and a bra when home alone with him, show off the figure.

    dont forget that to really seal the deal, you need to be good in the bedroom.

    Buy a "sexy devil" costume, or a french maid outfit.

    Another thing, never ever EVER compare him to your ex, give him the silent treatment or try to impose any "women logic" on him (google it to see what fits the category) and also, don't mention your ex, ever, and for the love of god, do NOT talk about his embarrassing things to your friends, because our friends talk to their friends, their friends talk to our friends, our friends talk to us.

    Never judge him.

    Don't nag.

    Communicate directly, we don't get subtle hints, and if you give us the silent treatment and expect us to just know what went wrong, then we'll just think your a bitch.

    there are countless things to do, but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.